OUTFIT - blue velvet and leather

H&M trend top | unknown skirt | SecondFemale coat | ViaVai boots | Bijou Brigitte earrings | unknown ring 

This is the outfit I am wearing today! My family and I were on our way to a restaurant this afternoon for a delicious pre-Easter lunch and we stopped by the castle of Cannenburch which turned out to be an amazing setting for some outfit photos! The top is from H&M trend, one of my ultimate favorite brands. The clothes are always so unique and un-H&M-like; I really find the best items there for reasonable prices. Now I am off to reading literature books for my Dutch oral test next Tuesday! Love Aimee


NEW YORK day 7

This is my very last New York post lovelies! Writing this post almost feels as if I am closing a chapter: I would have never thought a city could make such an impression on me. I want to go back! And I know I will one day! I didn't take a lot of pics the last day, because I wanted see to the vibrant and energetic city though my eyes and not through my camera lens :) The first two photos were shot in Bryant Park; does it ring a bell? Yes, fashion week! The park serves as a location for the fashion shows in the months of February and October. Too bad we missed the event by just a week! High tea at The Plaza, an impressively beautiful hotel, definitely was the highlight of day 7. My mum and I spent some mother-daughter quality time there while enjoying all the delicious sandwiches, scones and sweets :) And yes, those strawberries were yummy! Have fun egg hunting and enjoy your Easter Holiday! :)


INSPIRATION - summer sets

Hi girls (and perhaps boys?), I am currently craving summer playsuits and jumpsuits like these beauties above. Paired with some nice heels, a bright bag and a summer hat, and off we go!

SET 1: Zara playsuit, Zara bag, H&M cap
SET 2: Topshop jumpsuit, Forever 21 hat, Zara shoes
SET 3: Topshop playsuit, Mango shoes, Zara bag

My exam week started yesterday and the Geography and History exams went quite well! Tomorrow's test: Latin! It's a lot of work, so I better get to it! Salve :)


OUTFIT - green stairs

Forever21 jacket | Zara TRF dress | Six ring | Manas boots

Friday! It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Ok, lets not go there haha. Even though I have to do some serious studying this weekend, I am taking an afternoon and evening off from school work today. I made some delicious banana muffins this afternoon, which I am taking with me to my friend Amber's house in half an hour. She is going cook us dinner, yummy! I wore this outfit the day we went home from NY which is already four weeks ago! I can't believe how fast time flies... Have a great weekend loves, and if you are studying like me, good luck! 


DIARY - fake tattoos

Fake tattoos; you either love them or hate them! Right now, I'm in a love-them period, but there is a big probability that I will look at these photos in a few months and think; what the hell, why was I wearing fake tattoos? :) After I had seen this review, I went into town and bought the Urban Chic and Mademoiselle Chic fake tattoo sets from Bourjois Paris. I'm not a fan of the big tacky ones and texts like the sky is the limit, but I think the little bows, feathers and stars are really cute. I kind of consider these tattoos as jewellery pieces since they disappear after three days. What do you think of them? Love Aimee


NEW YORK day 6

Hi lovelies! It's time to continue with my NY photo diary. On day 6 we went to the other side of the river and visited Brooklyn (1). Brooklyn is an unexpectedly big and stretched out area with many different neighborhoods, some nice, some not so nice. So, my advice to you would be: do a little research before going there!

We started our day near Prospect Park, a neighborhood where several celebrities such as Anne Hathaway live. Sadly, I didn't see any celebs, but I did spot an extremely colourful house! (2) We walked down the second 5th Avenue (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11). There are two 5th Avenue's in NY; one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn one is much less expensive and gave me the feeling I was walking in a typical American village. Coca Cola truck? Check. Old school fire engine? Check. I drank a delicious hot apple cider at Trois Pommes (3, 4), a cute patisserie which sold special Oscar Cookies, because the Oscars were on tv that weekend! Aren't they cute? I ate Robert de Niro haha (5). I bought an adorable arrow necklace (click here to see my NY haul video!) at the vintage shop Beacon's Closet (12). We then took the subway to neighborhood Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), which reminded me of the Meatpacking District in Manhattan. We had pizza for lunch at the famous Grimaldi's (13) which was located right under Brooklyn Bridge. It is said to be one of the best pizzeria's in NY and I can't deny it: the pizza was very very good! We walked through the Brooklyn Bridge Park, I did a little jump (14) under the Brooklyn Bridge and I went back in time doing a spin on Jane's Carousel (15). I definitely recommend you going there, it's fantastic! 

In the afternoon we took the subway to Williamsburg, another neighborhood in Brooklyn. I had read a lot about this area and many magazines mentioned that Williamsburg was the new 'place to be'. Well, to be honest, we did not at all experience this. I guess we went to the wrong side or it just wasn't our cup of tea, because all we saw were filthy streets, run-down buildings, heaps of rubbish and a lot of graffiti. Eventually we ended up in an orthodox Jewish neighborhood. All the men there wore black long coats and black hats; they all looked alike which really gave my brother and I the creeps! We somehow reached the riverside where we took the ferry back to Dumbo. The extreme cold made us all shiver, but that didn't stop me from taking some magical shots (16, 17, 18, 19)! There is definitely no better combination than the Manhattan skyline and a sunset! Can you discover Staten Island in photo 18? All in all, day 6 was an interesting, strange but fun day!

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OUTFIT - polkadot

Monki dress | Forever21 jacket | unknown hat | Zara bag | ViaVai boots | Six ring

The weather in the Netherlands is so bad at the moment, so bad! It was snowing and the temperature was below zero when An took these photos of me, hence the white eye in the second photo and the red hands in the last photo. Thanks An, for facing the cold with me! And guys, I definitely wear a coat over these clothes, especially with these temperatures, but as I mentioned a few months ago, I want to show you what I wear underneath my coat! This weekend will sadly be all about doing mathematics and reading literature books. My exam week starts in nine days and I still have to do a lot of preparation. My To Do list is longer now than it has ever been. Good things are coming my way as well though; I am celebrating my birthday party with my friend An in a few weeks, Spring is (hopefully) around the corner, my Australia summer trip has been booked and after my final exams I will have freedom!!! I just can't wait! Love Aimee