OUTFIT - goniometrics

Forever21 dress | Swarovski bracelet | unknown hat

I am currently writing this post from our very chalet-style room in Val Thorens. It definitely contributes to the whole WinterWonderland feeling; wooden walls, wooden ceiling, wooden everything! With a snowy mountain view of course. I am certainly not a professional when it comes to skiing, I took my first ski lessons last year. However, I am getting more and more confident as I slide down the snow-covered hills and I think that, besides technique, it is very important to be a little fearless and just dare yourself. I can be quite a chicken - the reason why I hadn't skied before - but the feeling of fear is slowly drifting away. The sun was out today and my family and I traveled all the way to the mountain tops; you are literally on top of the world! So... 1 day down, 5 more days to go. I am challenging myself to become better and better at skiing, and I hope the practicing will pay off, so that I can ski downhill like all the other experienced 18-year-olds by the end of the week :) Beaucoup de bisous, Aimee


DIARY - a very merry christmas!


Dear all, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Here's a little sneak peak of my christmas dress, which you will have a better look at in my next post! I ordered it from Forever21, gosh, I love that store! I get serious craving issues everytime I visit the online shop... The crazy hat adds a little festivity to the outfit, and needless to say, it kept my ears nice and warm while shooting these photos ;) Tomorrow my family and I are hitting the French highway; it is time to ski again! and to talk some french, oui oui! Bonne nuit, tout le monde! xoxo


OUTFIT - grey, black and blue

SecondFemale coat | Mango sweater | H&M shorts | Zara bag | Marcus boots | C&A scarf | gifted ring

I thought it would be nice to show you my coat in an outfit post, so here it is! Utrecht has so many beautiful locations! I should really go out more and take walks; currently I feel a bit like a hermit, especially with these dark evenings; I have more or less shut myself off from the world, this afternoon I have been sitting on my couch and working on a paper about Russia. Judith took these photos of me near the Dom, which is a famous church in the Netherlands. At the moment, especially for young girls like myself,  it's a bad idea to be walking near the Dom alone at night, because apparently there is a raper active in that neigbourhood. It was even in the national news! Talk about creepy! On a happier note, it is quite a short week in Utrecht for me this week, because tomorrow I am heading home to celebrate Sinterklaas! Family time and presents, what's better than that? ;) I can't wait! Love Aimee


OUTFIT - winter coat

SecondFemale coat

Good afternoon :) I almost decided to label this post as a 'new purchases' post, but then I realized that I actually own this coat for several months now, I just never really came around to showing it to you guys - kind of reveals my bad blogging lately.. oops! I absolutely love this coat, it is trendy yet timeless, chic yet practical, neutral but not boring; exactly what I am looking for in a winter coat! To me, winter coats are investment buys and good quality ones come with a heavy price tag. I am in the lucky position to get a winter coat from my mum and dad each year so I don't have to buy one myself, but if I had to, I definitely wouldn't mind spending a lot an a coat; evidently it is my most worn winter piece! Now I am off studying, again... - yes, the student life is fun but hard work as well at times. Not that I really mind, I have always loved learning and taking in information (I know this may sound weird to some haha), especially when I am studying an interesting subject! Byebye for now :)