OUTFIT - lacetrimmed

Dotti + DIY dress | Sascha boots (new) | Forever21 backpack | DKNY watch | Brandy Melville infinity bracelet

Any of you who recognize this dress but notice a small difference? Well, this dress went into the washing machine lengthed just above my knees and it came out as an ultrashort dress, oops! A bit too short for my taste - a small gust of wind and you could see my underwear - but I thought it would be a shame to stash it away in my crammed closet in order to never wear it again. Therefore I decided to lengthen it by adding a lacetrim! Easy, cheap and quite adorable I might add! Actually, I love the DIY'ed version better than the original one! What do you think? My mum shot these photos of me outside the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam yesterday (an Amsterdam photo diary will be up on the blog soon!). Talk about a bubbly atmosphere! I loved seeing a large mix of age groups and nationalities: tourists, grandparents with their grandchildren, businessmen as well as couples and students like me. For a moment I thought I was walking around in Paris, definitely a place to remember :) Love Aimee


DIARY - Rotterdam

Last Tuesday my mum, brother and I spent the day in Rotterdam. We did some shopping, some relaxing and visited a photo exhibition about Robert Doisneaus work. He is well-known for his photos of the Parisian lifestyle from the 1920's to the 1970's. I really love his work! If you are into photography and Paris like me, then I am sure you will enjoy this exhibition as much as I did! Whenever I go to a museum I look through the card collection in the museum shop. This time, the three cards in the third picture caught my eye. We had delicious smoothies at Bagels&Beans and ice cream at a genuine Italian gelato shop. In the last photo you can see my brother rocking his new Varsity jacket from Pull&Bear :) Love Aimee


VIDEO - Australiƫ haul

Lovely followers, first of all I would like to thank you for all your sweet comments lately! They really make me feel good and give me an amazing energy boost! That's the main reason why I have been blogging lots more lately! I hope you enjoy this haul, let me know what you think! Watch the video on Youtube (click here) for the best quality. I just noticed I used a lot of exclamation marks in this post haha, guess I am excited! :) xoxo


OUTFIT - flower dress

Forever21 dress | Zara bag | Viavai boots | DKNY watch | Rituals nailpolish | gifted ring

I am in love with this dress! My dear friend An brought it home from the USA with her for me and I have been wearing it non-stop since. It's feminine, but fresh and young as well. As you can probably tell, I had lots of fun shooting these photos with my brother! The weather has been lovely the last few days and it gives me the opportunity to wear all my summer dresses: I want summer to never end! On a very different note, I have accepted a challenge! I have made a deal with myself that I am not allowed to buy clothes for two months, starting the 1st of september. For some of you this might seem easy, but since I am quite the shopaholic, I probably buy a clothing item every week or at least every two weeks. However, I had a serious talk with myself and convinced myself that I need to learn to spend less money on clothes. As I am now a student with a financial budget I have to get used to spending money wisely, something that could definitely use some improvement in my case. This will also give me the chance to be creative with the large amount of clothing that I already own and to rediscover some items in my closet that I only have worn once or twice. I will let you know how it all goes :) Enjoy your Sunday! Love Aimee 


OUTFIT - the skort

Zara skort | H&M blouse | Forever21 backpack | DKNY watch | Manas sneakers

I present to you the famous Zara skort, the big blogger-musthave this summer. I too surrendered and joined the large Zara-skort-lovers crowd. It's versatile, modern, comfortable and well, the price isn't too bad either! Definitely one of my favorites at the moment! These photos were taken at the New York hotel in Rotterdam yesterday, a Rotterdam photo diary will probably be up tomorrow. And of course, I still have lots of Australia posts (and probably an Australia video haul) in store for you! xoxo


DIARY - sunday walk

I sometimes complain about Holland being boring and well... flat. However, last Sunday I had the sudden revelation that the Dutch nature is actually pretty amazing and that beautiful forests and purple fields (which you also saw in my last post) are only a half-an-hour drive away from home. I just wanted to share these photos with you of our Sunday walk. It is nice to go out for a walk every now and then, away from the 'modern world' with social media etc. I like the colours in these photos, especially the last photo with the light peeking through :) I went to Rotterdam with my mum and my brother today and gladly they didn't mind were so sweet to take some outfit photos again, so an outfit post will probably be up online tomorrow! Love Aimee