PHOTOGRAPHY - under the blossom tree

It's that time of year again when blossoms are everywhere! The flowers only last for about a week so my mum and I jumped at the chance to take some portraits of me under a blossom tree. I love how the photos turned out, there is just something about blossom trees... They are so magical and delicate, simply beautiful! now I am off to studying again. I made a plan for the upcoming weeks and even though I don't often stick to the plan, I am going to try this time. On today's planner: Latin and economics, let's get to it! :) Love Aimee


OUTFIT - leopard coat

H&M coat | H&M jeans | ViaVai boots | NewYorker bag

In my previous haul I mentioned that I would persuade you that leopard coats are awesome and I hope you agree with me after seeing these pics :) I had a pretty intense past two days. Yesterday it was officially my last day of high school! Woooopwooop, that is a big mile-stone. To be honest, I was a little sentimental... I mean, I have spent six years in high school and I just can't believe how fast those years went by! Last night we went out with the whole class of 2013 to celebrate and today, after we had slept two hours, we were expected at school at 6.30 in the morning. Yes, it has been a very exhausting past 48 hours! I will definitely go to bed early today. I can hardly even write this post without dozing off! Have a great weekend lovelies!


DIARY - the past months

 Celebrating carnaval with my friends as Indians in February | beautiful sunset last week while running

 Super bad quality pic of the new Zara in Utrecht | Chocolate sprinkle cake pops for Easter

 New leopard coat and red lips | snowy Holland a few weeks ago

 Creative boost after test week | I want to make these cake pops someday!

  I went to see the movie Great Expectations and it was really good! | Happy me with my new iPhone 5

 Heart bracelets | 18 badge!

Delicious strawberries for lunch | the Oudegracht in Utrecht on a sunny day

Just-out-of-bed me in my pyjama's | Delicious chocolate cake for my 18th B-day!

 Moustache eggs for Easter | Rediscovered my coca cola tee

 Polishing my nails with Chanel Graphite while doing maths | Sunset from my bed room window

 Fake infinity tattoo and coral nail polish | Little me

 Doing yoga, position 'I have know idea' | Snow in my hair

 Me in the Dutch newspapers | Celebrating my Geography teacher's birthday in class, I love my school :)

 Scary me :) | Lunch during studying

Zara Summer playsuit | Riding my bicycle through snowy Holland a few weeks ago

Dear fellow bloggers, here's a recap of the past few months! You can follow me on Instagram @confashionsandmore if you want to see more of my daily life :) I almost have 100 followers on Bloglovin' so I am definitely thinking about doing a give-away. My friend An and I are celebrating our Hawaii party this Sunday, I am so excited! After that, it's going to be studying, studying and studying, exams and then FREEDOM! xxx Aimee


VIDEO - haul!

Dear all, here's my second haul! I am sorry for the bad quality (I filmed it with my Iphone) and my silly manners now and then... Filming myself still feels a little weird, but I am getting the habit of it :) At the moment, I am busy with my final exams! Four more weeks, guys! Sometimes I just feel like a bundle of nerves, but most of the time I feel confident and relaxed. Remember a few posts ago, when I was complaining about my grades? Well, the day after that post I received some really good grades: an 8.7 for Latin, a 9.1 for History and a 10 for my French oral exam! My bad mood was over in a split second :) Well, anyways, I hope you enjoy this video! Outfit post is coming up soon! Love Aimee


DIARY - 18th birthday!

Dear lovelies, here's just a super quick shot of me blowing out my birthday candle! I turned 18 today, yeaaaah! I already celebrated it with a couple of friends and now I am going out for dinner with my parents and my brother. My friend An and I are throwing a big Hawaii-themed birthday party next week which I am really excited about and I hope to take a lot of photos then! I know I haven't posted a lot these past two weeks; I have been busy with school and the upcoming final exams. I hope I will be able to post again this weekend! Love Aimee


OUTFIT - blue and white

H&M pants (new) | Mango top | Second Female coat | Zara bag | Ecco boots | WE ring | Rayban sunglasses

Dear fellow bloggers, to be honest, today is not my best day. Normally, I am not someone who complains a lot, and certainly not on this blog, but at the moment I am feeling a little down... I had my Dutch oral test about literature today and despite the fact that I had prepared a lot for it and thought the test went great, my grade was a 6.3. After my oral test, I had my economics test and, sadly, that didn't go too well. The final exams are coming up and even though my average grades are good and I don't really have anything to worry about, moments like these can really put you down and demotivate you. I guess life is about ups and downs and I'm sure that I will be happily smiling again this evening, but for now, it kind of sucks. About the outfit, I decided to skip the dresses, skirts and shorts for once and purchased these H&M jeans last week. They are quite different from what I usually wear, but changes can be good, and in this case it definitely is! Love Aimee