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Zara jeans jacket (now on sale!) | H&M dress | H&M bag | Converse All Stars

This is a post full of favorites; all the items that I am wearing are currently on top of my favorites-list. I throw on this oversized denim jacket from Zara every single day and I know, I know, it is not exactly flattering for my figure, but I don't care! It is comfy, full stop. I haven't taken my Converse off either. I should really switch up my shoes - I have so many pairs for summer! -, but for now, they are my addiction. They go with everything! The dress is a purchase from H&M and I love the colour. Red is powerful but romantic at the same time and I like how the red and the blue contrast in this look. I have this thing with H&M, that I always buy clothes which end up in sale, basically meaning I buy clothes no one wants to wear. This dress is an example. I bought it for 25 euros, feeling like the happiest girl in the world bumping into this treasure; three weeks later it's on sale for 10 and there's a whole rack full of these dresses which no one is interested in buying. Is it just me and my style? Or do all the other people lack a soft spot for cute red dresses with fascinating triangular formed cut-outs? Hmmmmm... Well there's no time to think about it now, I am off to watch the football game in Amsterdam, let's kick some ass! HUP HOLLAND HUP!


sweet summer

I have one thing to say; SUMMER HOLIDAY STARTS NOW! I had my last exams of the year on Wednesday and Thursday - thank you for all your good luck wishes! - and I am ready to pile away my study books and to get out my bikini and other summer-related accessories and get into my relax mode. I am however determined to spend my weeks usefully and therefore I have made a summer 2014 Bucket List with all sorts of activities. Examples are learning how to skate, learning to play guitar, visiting the Efteling (I have never been there, shame on me!) - visiting the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, redecorating the outside terrace of my student home, making several Youtube video's and the list goes on and on... What are your summer plans? 


on the hunt

H&M coat | Mango shirt | H&M jeans | Converse allstars | DKNY watch | Rayban sunnies

I recently pulled this beast out of my closet again, just to add that sex-and-the-city feel to an otherwise casual and perhaps even boring look. Sometimes a little fierceness in the form of a coat is all you need to give your day a boost. A boost which is extremely welcome at the moment since I am in the midst of my last exam week. Let's do this!


beautifully blue

I used to be a huge swimpool lover when I was younger. Whenever we went to the beach, I couldn't handle all the sand and salt sticking everywhere; on my body, in my hair, in my bag, arrghhh, I hated it! However, in the past couple of years of I have gently fallen in love with seas and beaches. Lying on the beach, observing everyone and dipping my feet in the water every now and then; I can't think of better way to spend my summer. I am curious, what do you prefer; the swimming pool or the sea? 


marseille streets

A photo diary of the street scenes in Marseille. I could walk around there all day, every day, just taking in all the colours, the details and the overload of wall graffiti. 


coloured doors

Topshop dress | H&M coat | Zara bag | Monki glasses| rings from Turkey | Converse allstars

This is one of the looks that I wore during the holiday week in Marseille. The city is so photogenic; every door, every window, every alley, they are all interesting to look at which makes it hard not to take your camera out every other minute. I believe that I had taken about 200 photos of doors and windows by the end of the week. Onto to the look. I bought the dress in sales at Topshop in Istanbul. I love the cut and that fact that is has pockets; they make it comfortable but cute. I went a little crazy on jewellery in Turkey and came home with my fingers stacked with rings. The left ring in the last photo is my favourite and has a story of its own. In a small, local town in the middle of nowhere, my friend Frouwke and I stepped into a jewellery store. A huge collection of rings had been stored out for the (tourist) customers. None of them really spoke to me, since they were, I don't know, too polished and too shiny. I asked the man behind the counter if he had any other rings whereupon he took out a velvet blue box. In it were the most amazing, unconventional silver rings, all different, and nothing like I had ever come across before. They were all second-hand, brought in by local ladies who had sold them in return for some money. The man explained that they had all been specifically made for each one of these women, for special occasions such as weddings. Therefore, all the rings were different in style and in size, and it took me a while to find a few that were my taste and fit my finger perfectly. Not being able to choose, I eventually ended up with two rings and I have been happily wearing these small pieces of Turkey every week since.  


levi love

Monki top | Levi's vintage shorts

Levi's. Worn best with a white tee and wind in your hair; the ultimate comfortable and fresh summer look! These photos were shot near Cassis, a cute little village in the South of France. This outfit was basically my uniform for the week that my family and I spent there. Yup, it is definitely Levi Love over here <3