winter is coming

SecondFemale coat | Zara hat

I found these photos which were shot last year on my drive; I totally forgot to publish them, oops! Since this is my favorite fall-to-winter-transition jacket and I still wear it every week, I thought I'd publish the pics now anyways. I am going to Antwerp for the weekend and hope to get a bit of shopping done! Happy weekend to you loves! Btw, I made a Confashions Facebook, so for blog updates you can check that out as well, click here to visit the page.


The One That I Want

Due to my role as a board member of the Student Association V.U.G.S. which I talked about in my previous post, this academic year my life is incredibly busy and sometimes I miss the moments of daydreaming, relaxing in my bed and reading a book or magazine. Three weeks ago I stumbled upon this short movie from Chanel, and I just had to show it to you. It literally transports you to another place, far, far away from uni. Happy weekend loves and don't forget to dream!


bed sessions

Mango sweater | H&M jeans

These photos are a little different than what I usually show you guys, which makes me that much more curious to read your comments. My dear friend Judith and I went away for the weekend and stayed in CitizenM hotel in Rotterdam. The interior was very modern and state-of-the-art with lots of fun art pieces and accessories. In a hotel room the bed is most important for me; if I sleep well I wake up fresh and happy the next morning, ready to start my day productively and with a positive vibe. I must tell you, Judith and I took the opportunity to use the big queensize bed as a set to shoot these photos. I kept the outfit simple, just a cosy warm red sweater - I love the colour red -, a pair of black H&M jeans and a nonchalant hairstyle with a touch of just-out-of-bed messiness. I hope you like!


low back

vintage body suit (borrowed from Judith) | vintage levi's | H&M coat | vintage necklace | Sandro boots

Dear loves, I know my absence was unannounced, but I hope you are still here joining me on my blogging journey! :) These past few years have consisted of ups and downs when it comes to my blogging and I guess it all depends on a couple of different, but very important aspects such as time, inspiration and in my case, other priorities. This blog has mostly functioned as a photography, travel and fashion platform and occassionally I have given you insights in my life, but I have never put my daily activities in the centre of attention. First of all, I am a little sceptical about pouring your heart out on the notorious world wide web, second; I honestly don't think my life is important enough to create daily content around it. The same goes for Facebook, I don't feel the need to share my personal life with everyone, I'd rather talk to people in person about my thoughts. However, my situation has changed these past couple of months. As you might know, I am a Human Geography student at Utrecht University. This might be meaningless to you which I totally understand, Human Geography is an abstract term and often doesn't ring a bell. In short, I study Geography but only the human aspect of it. So NO volcanoes, earth layers, water cycles and tsunami's, thank god! But what dó we do then? We basically observe, research, analyse and (try to) clarify how people interact with space. Examples of themes which we keep ourselves busy with are migration, tourism and city development. I often describe my study as Psychology, but then linked to a geography, a location or a spacial element; 'Why do companies establish themselves in Asia?' and 'Why do people prefer to live in the city or in the countryside?' are just two of the thousands of questions which can be discussed. This explanation is probably still a blur to you all, but if you are interested I could 'dedicate' a post to my study area. Why am I telling you all of this? Almost every study at university has its own student association which organizes activities such as excursions, parties, lectures etc. for the students. Human Geography also has a student association which is called V.U.G.S. (Vereniging der Utrechtse Geografie Studenten) As of the start of September, I am a fulltime member of the V.U.G.S.-board. This means that, together with five other board members, I spend every day from morning till afternoon (and often evenings as well) managing the association; if you want to know more about my daily activities, you can check out my page on the V.U.G.S.-website here. This brings me to the main point of this post. I always spend a lot of time on creating my posts, what can I say? I am a perfectionist and not easily satisfied. This year, managing V.U.G.S. is my number one priority which leaves little time left for leisure. I simply don't have the time to create the same content regularly as I have done the past few years. Sure, occasionally I will be able to shoot an outfit properly with attention for detail and location. But sadly, I must say that this will be less often than I want to. Therefore I have decided to manage my blog a bit differently for one year; short posts to share moments, thoughts and inspiration with you and posts to give you an insight in my personal life alternated with more time-consuming and constructed posts every once in a while. Lets see how it goes! Love Aimee



Topshop top (new) | secondhand H&M skirt | Topshop necklaces | vintage watch | borrowed hat | Allstars 

I am back from a wonderful week in Bella Roma with my parents and brother, where I went into social isolation without internet for a whole 10 days... And people, I survived, wooehoeee! It is good to know that I can spend a week without my mobile phone. I have realized how much unnecessary and useless time I spend on Instagram, Whatsapp and such social media apps. Without even noticing it, they cause constant stress and being 'locked' away from all the buzz for a week was absolutely calming and relaxing; I recommend it! One day we visited the absolutely beautiful ruins of the ancient Roman Villa Adriana. The leftovers of the past always amaze me and it is bizarre to imagine Romans walking the same stone roads 2000 years ago when internet, telephones, or for that matter, paper didn't even exist! This world has changed so rapidly and intensely these past two millennia, sometimes it just blows my mind. Ok, this is getting philosphical haha, lets move onto the ouftit; it was a hot day, so I decided to go for a light and airy look with some antique-looking necklaces - just to dress the ancient part a little - and a hat to keep me from squinting my eyes every second. I bought this skirt at a flea market for 1 euro, talk about a bargain! I am usually not that into printed skirts, but I will definitely make an exception for this black and white leaf-printed one; it still has a minimalist feel to it which I like. Have a great week loves, x!


paris captures

Paris always has a certain influence on me; not only does it instantly increase my happy mood, I also tend to dress differently. I have always worn whatever I wanted to wear - which included more no-go's than succesful looks when I was a young and clueless high school student, oops - and throughout the years, I have developed my own style. However, I somehow feel that I always have to tone down my outfits slightly in Holland. Most Dutch are down-to-earth and unlikely willing to stand out of the crowd. I find it quite boring and annoying at times. I must admit that this is not the case for a city like Amsterdam which nowadays functions as a platform to express yourself with your clothes. This freedom is an essential part of the charm and beauty of Amsterdam in my opinion. And then there are cities like Paris, London and New York, where you can go all out, wearing hats and long coats and all those fancy things. I hope you enjoy these pics! I included some of my instagram photos; if you want to know more about my daily life and my travels, check out my account @confashionsaimee!


paris vlog

While I was in Paris I filmed a little and when I came home, I compiled all the fragments in a vlog ; I present to you a glimpse of Paris through my eyes! Love Aimee



I am back from Paris! And just like last time, I of course have to start off with photos of the Eiffel Tower. This time around the travel team consisted of my mum, my aunt Sjoukje, my aunt Wenda and my cousin Lotte. Wenda and Lotte live in Australia and fly halfway across the world to the Netherlands once a year or once in two years. Lotte had never been to Paris and she was determined to climb the Eiffel Tower, especially after seeing Sex & the City, Monte Carlo and, my personal fave, Passport to Paris from the Olsen Twins ;) So off we went, and after standing in line for an hour, we arrived on the second floor where we could enjoy the amazing views. In case you are wondering what I was wearing; the coat is from H&M, the dress from Mango, the bag from the North Face and the boots from Sascha. I have three more Paris posts in store for you, which will appear on the blog in the following couple of days!