HAUL - H&M, Zara etc.

Lieve allemaal, hier is mijn derde haul! Bekijk hem op Youtube in kleiner formaat voor een betere kwaliteit! Sorry dat jullie de make-up spullen en de kaars niet goed kunnen zien, dat komt onder andere door reflectie, maar ook door de kwaliteit van mijn camera... Hieronder een foto van de H&M kaars voor een beter beeld :) Liefs Aimee


OUTFIT - barok and denim

H&M blouse (new) | Forever21 shorts | Forever21 backpack | Manas boots | DKNY watch

Here's my first Paris post! My mum and I had such an incredible time; we explored parts of Paris we had never visited before and each time we visit the City of Love and Lights we are amazed by all the different neighborhoods and all the cultural experiences Paris has to offer. Even though Paris has about 2,5 million inhabitants, I somehow feel at home and comfortable strolling along old streets such as Boulevard Haussmann, which you can see in these photos above. I guess I feel that way because all the different neighborhoods have a village feeling to them with their own cafés, markets and schools. Recently, I read a book about Paris and the author pointed out that some Parisians who have lived in Paris all their lives have never visited the Eiffel Tower or have crossed the river Seine; they just stay in their own trusted neighborhoods. My mum and I didn't stay in a hotel this time. We made use of AirBNB which is quite a new concept, but a very successful one. Basically, you 'rent' someone's house for a few days while the person who owns the house is away. This is quite a cheap solution and if you search the AirBNB website carefully, you will be able to find beautiful appartements on the most amazing locations. At first my mum and I were a little concerned about the safety and reliability, but AirBNB proved us wrong and it worked really well for us! We will definitely make use of it again in the future! I wore this outfit on Saturday. Paris gives me so much positive energy, hence the happy jumping picture :) A few more Paris posts are coming up, I hope you enjoy them! Beaucoup de bisous, Aimee


DIARY - instagram

Testing some summer cocktails for the Hawaii Party | Sweet Amber and me at school

Vera, Roos and me | Trying a yummy cocktail

Delicious ananas strawberry fruit | New H&M heels

Lots and lots of photos! | Kiss for you! ;)

My brother Robbin and me | My mum and me having dinner in our town

My brother and lots of ice cream! | Cutie cousin Thomas

Delicious Italian lunch | Love for candyfloss!

New black-and-white playsuit and my DKNY watch which I got from all my friends for my 18th birthday! | Crazy me, Amber and Sascha

Beautiful Dutch tulip fields and matching dress | Signing up for volunteer work with dolphins this summer in Australia! So exciting :)   

Ready to rock my final exams! | Delicious chocolate chip cookies

Fed up with learning for the exams | Mothers Day present: high tea!

Hi there! Here's another diary, consisting of only Instagram photos this time. I have been using Instagram quite a lot lately; I think it is a fun way to share your life. I am not a big fan of facebook, I don't really know why, but somehow it feels more public and open than Instagram. I guess I also prefer Instagram because it is about photography, which I really like :) The largest part of my final exams is over, whooeeehooee! I have one more exam to go: French. It is a reading exam, so you can't really prepare for that. I am quite confident that everything went well and I hope that I will be joyfully jumping around on the 13th of June; that is when I hear my results. At the moment I am packing my suitcase, because tomorrow morning I will be on my way to Paris! I think it is good to get away from all the stress and exams for a moment, to relax a bit and to load my energy. I certainly get positive energy from Paris! xoxo Aimee


OUTFIT - wall

H&M trend top | H&M jeans | Mango coat | Viavai boots | Zara bag | Six necklace

Dear all, this casual outfit is from a few weeks ago, when my family and I visited Belgium. Because of the exams, I hadn't got round to posting it yet. One afternoon, we went to a little town called Huy and I saw this interesting painted wall. I thought it would be a nice background for some outfit photos :) Today I had my Latin and Economics exams; Latin went great which I am really happy about! Economics was difficult, but I think I did allright. Now it's time to relax a bit and then tomorrow morning, it is study time again! xoxo Aimee


PHOTOGRAPHY - raindrops and sunset

As some of you might know, I live in a canal house and my bedroom has a view of the canal. Well, the other day I was looking out of my window when I saw that the sun was setting and it was raining. I thought it would be a nice combination to photograph, so I immediately went outside and took some photos. It might have looked a little weird: a teenage girl, standing in the rain, taking photographs of leaves, in her jogging suit, hmmm, strange haha. I experimented with my diaphragm a bit and I like how these photos turned out! I think I am finally getting the hang of how my camera works :) My Dutch exam was very difficult, thankfully there were thousands of other students who were complaining about the exam on the internet, so I wasn't the only one who had a bad feeling about it. Today I had my Geography exam and I really wanted this exam to go well, because I am going to study Social Geography next year. I thought it went well, so I am curious to know the result! Next up: Latin and Economics on Friday! Love Aimee


OUTFIT - tulips

Mötivi dress | DKNY watch | French Connection sandals | Hema Iphone case | Kiko nail polish 

Wow, it has been a long time since I last posted! As some of you might know, I have been very busy with preparing my final exams which start tomorrow! The first subject is Dutch, which is difficult, but I do feel quite confident about it. I am more worried about Economics and Maths... I just can't wait for these stressful weeks to be over. I also have some exciting news: I am going to Paris for four days with my mum on the 25th of May! So I definitely have something to look forward to! Onto the outfit now: the ones who follow me on Instagram @confashionsandmore already saw this extraordinary, colourful dress which I bought in Italy last year. I wore my new DKNY watch (such an amazing birthday present from all my friends!) and I thought my new hot pink phone case would match the outfit perfectly :) Of course, there was no better location for shooting this dress than the typical Dutch tulip fields. I hope you like these photos and sorry for hair in my face in the first and fourth photo! :) Love Aimee
ps. Happy Mothers Day of course! What did you get your mom? :)


OUTFIT - stripes and bows

Forever21 top | Forever21 shorts | Viavai boots | vintage earrings

This weekend I spent Sunday afternoon at my grandparents' house. My sweet cousin Margot was there too and as always we did a little photo shoot and took some photos of each others outfits. I really liked the location with the enormous tree and the pond in the background. I spent Monday and Tuesday in Belgium in our little holiday house in the woods. I love it there! The atmosphere is so calm and it makes me relax instantly. My family and I watched the crowning of the new king on tv, we played tennis, we swam and I did a little school work. I hope you like these pics! I am off to studying for my exams now! Love Aimee 
ps. I have reached 100 followers on Bloglovin'! Woooopwooop! I am thinking about doing a give-away, so stay tuned :)