Topshop top (new) | secondhand H&M skirt | Topshop necklaces | vintage watch | borrowed hat | Allstars 

I am back from a wonderful week in Bella Roma with my parents and brother, where I went into social isolation without internet for a whole 10 days... And people, I survived, wooehoeee! It is good to know that I can spend a week without my mobile phone. I have realized how much unnecessary and useless time I spend on Instagram, Whatsapp and such social media apps. Without even noticing it, they cause constant stress and being 'locked' away from all the buzz for a week was absolutely calming and relaxing; I recommend it! One day we visited the absolutely beautiful ruins of the ancient Roman Villa Adriana. The leftovers of the past always amaze me and it is bizarre to imagine Romans walking the same stone roads 2000 years ago when internet, telephones, or for that matter, paper didn't even exist! This world has changed so rapidly and intensely these past two millennia, sometimes it just blows my mind. Ok, this is getting philosphical haha, lets move onto the ouftit; it was a hot day, so I decided to go for a light and airy look with some antique-looking necklaces - just to dress the ancient part a little - and a hat to keep me from squinting my eyes every second. I bought this skirt at a flea market for 1 euro, talk about a bargain! I am usually not that into printed skirts, but I will definitely make an exception for this black and white leaf-printed one; it still has a minimalist feel to it which I like. Have a great week loves, x!