DIARY - disposable photos

Almost everywhere I go, I take my disposable camera with me. I love taking photos with it and seeing the result a few months later when I get the photos developed. These photos are from January this year. In case you were wondering; it's my little brother and me who are acting crazy in the third picture! Tell me, do you like these kind of posts? :)


OUTFIT - winter parka

SecondFemale parka | unknown hat

The days are getting colder and colder here in Holland, so it was time to pull out my winter parka! I bought it last year and it has already been such a great investment piece. This week a I have a pretty busy schedule! Lots and lots of school work and I have to go hunting for the perfect gala dress! Any recommendations? Kiss Aimee


DIARY - christmas decoration

I just wanted to show you guys this supercute cardboard christmas tree I picked up at HEMA for only 4 euro's! I am not the kind of person who spends loads of money on christmas decoration - I just think it's a waste, because christmas only lasts for such a short periode of time - so this low-budget christmas tree is perfect for me! Are you into christmas decoration? xoxo Aimee


OUTFIT - little black dress

C&A dress | Swarovski bracelet | Chanel Fire nailpolish and rouge coco lipstick

This dress is another new purchase of mine! It's from C&A and although most people of my age don't go there and think the clothes are old-fashioned, I visit the store every now and then and each time I am pleasantly surprised! I paired the dress with my Swarovski bracelet, which I got from my dad six years ago and is still one of my favorites. It seems to never go out of fashion! I also have some exciting news! A few posts ago I mentioned that I really wanted to go to New York and guess what, I am going in February! I already have an incredibly long list with places I want to visit: Magnolia Bakery from SATC, Top of the Rock, Central park, Brooklyn, Times Square, the Guggenheim Museum and lots more. I can't wait! Kisses Aimee


INSPIRATION - black and white

Just some black and white photos which have inspired me lately! I am really, really looking forward to summer: laying in the grass, wearing dresses with bare legs and sipping cold drinks on terraces. Have a great week lovelies!


OUTFIT - blue dress

H&M dress | Esprit booties | Six bracelet | Chanel Fire nailpolish

I don't really feel like writing, because I am beyond tired, but I just wanted to say that I am sorry for my absence the past two weeks and that I am going to make it up to you! I bought this blue dress at H&M last week and I was instantly in love with the delicate lace detailing and with the in-your-face blue colour! Perfect for brightening up typically Dutch dreary days like today. Tonight's program: going out for dinner with my family and the new James Bond movie; Skyfall! Love Aimee


OUTFIT - faux fur

Zara faux fur | Mango coat | Esprit wedges | H&M hat

I couldn't be happier with my new faux fur from Zara! I really hesitated about this purchase, because I thought 40 euro's was way to expensive! However its warmth and wearibility, yet its glamorous style convinced me! It also matches my coat perfectly; at least I think so! Ok, enough with the exclamation marks haha. The hat I am wearing is quite old and I recently rediscovered it. I always feel a bit overdressed when wearing a hat, but I guess it is something that just has to grow on me. Oh, and the wedges are new too! I am insanely tall in them! They match any outfit and really lengthen my legs which I love. I have to go now, dinner time!  


DIARY - lazy saturday

Hi lovelies! How's your Saturday? I would really love to share more of my (daily) life with you and that's why, from now on, there will be posts on my blog tagged 'Diary'. In these posts I will show you what I have been up to and other random things. Today is just a relax/learning day for me. My exam week started this week and so far all is going quite well! A lazy Saturday for me consists of watching a few episodes of Gossip Girl or Sex and the City, reading lots of magazines and tyding up my room a bit. Ever since the Dutch Vogue was launched, I am a big fan of the magazine! Besides getting inspired by the beautiful fashion editorials (I love the Oneindig Schier editorial with model Mirte Maas in this month's issue!), I enjoy reading all the in-depth articles and interesting interviews. I have actually learned a lot about fashion and photography from Vogue, which I hadn't expected. The other magazine is about New York. Reading about all the amazing sights and shops there,  makes me want to go even more! Have you ever been to New York?