TRAVEL DIARY - Australia Day 5 & 6

In these photos you can see me kissing a dolphin, cute turtle Squirt who has sadly now left the Dolphin Discovery Centre in order to swim among fellow turtles in the Indian Ocean, me in my new favorite lavender-blue tunic from Monki (I got it on sale in Holland) and my activities on the first day in Augusta, a beautiful little town south from Bunbury. We went there for the weekend and although it rained cats and dogs most of the time, we decided not to laze around but to do some sightseeing instead. My feet got soaked while going for a walk with dog Max, so in case you were wondering; no, I am not wearing these shoes to make a fashion statement, it was merely a practical solution. In the afternoon we visited the Voyager Estate which is a famous winery. There is something about vineyards, I love their pattern of straight parallel lines and the delicate branches. I am definitely a wine lover. To finish day 6 spectacularly we drove on a near paddock at night to spot wild kangaroos. There were dozens of them, but because of their unexpected speed I only managed to capture this blurred photo above - these creatures are just incredible, that's all I can say! Just to keep you updated, I wanted to let you guys know that I booked my flight to Melbourne and I will spend a couple of days there next week. Can't wait! Have a great weekend! Love Aimee


VIDEO - Coral Bay Vlog!

Hi guys, I just returned from Coral Bay and I had an amazing time there with lots of sun, beach and snorkelling. I met some great people while I was there and I spent most of my time with a Namibian-German girl called Maike. Sorry for the bad quality of this vlog! I think it has more to do with Youtube than with the quality of my iPhone. For optimal quality watch this video on Youtube here in the highest quality possible! I made this vlog just to give you an idea of how these past few days have been like. I hope you enjoy! Loads more Australia posts are coming up! Some will be from before I went to Coral Bay, so my Australia posts will not be chronologically ordered, but I just couldn't wait to show you the beauty of Coral Bay via this vlog! Let me know if you would like me to make more vlogs while I am here in Australia. I am planning on flying to Melbourne next week, so I might consider vlogging there! It depends on the weather and your comments :) Love Aimee


TRAVEL DIARY - Australia Day 3 & 4

I am sorry it took me so long to post these photos of day 3 & 4 here in Bunbury, Western Australia. I haven't been a lot on the computer lately, and this will be quite a quick post as well. I am leaving for Ningaloo Reef this afternoon, which is a 1300 km drive north. The weather there is amazing and I could definitely use some sunshine :) As I am writing this, a storm is going on outside. My aunt told me they sometimes have tornado's here, omg! Of course, the main reason I am going to Ningaloo Reef is to see the amazing ocean and to swim among the fish and other incredible sea creatures. I have an underwater disposable camera, so I really hope to take some nice shots there! I will be staying at Ningaloo Club, which is a hostel. I am sure I will meet loads of backpackers and other young travellers there. About these photos, these are basically just shots of the things I did on day 3 and 4. We made sushi one night, I worked at the Dolphin Discovery Centre in the mornings (How do you like my shirt?), I went shopping with my cousin Lotte - she is a shopaholic like me, and we can spend hours in the local mall - , I spotted lots of OneDirection stuff at the Target (I think Australians are obsessed! They even have OneDirection dolls!), we made a walk along the beach with dog Max and we went to a look-out. I really want to show you the photos of the amazing weekend we had a few days ago! We went to Augusta, which is about a two-hour drive south from Bunbury. The Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean meet there. I saw kangaroos and I drove my uncles car, even though I don't have a drivers license - ssshhh, don't tell :) I will be back from Ningaloo Reef next Monday, and I hope to post those photos then! See ya, Aimee


TRAVEL DIARY - Australia Day 1 & 2

Hi sweets! These are some photos of my first two days Down Under! As you might know, I will not go backpacking, but I am spending the next five weeks at my aunts and uncles house in a town called Bunbury. The main reason that I am here is to discover the Australian lifestyle and to visit my family. I am a volunteer at the Dolphin Discovery Centre, which I visited today. Sadly, I won't be seeing a lot of dolphins because it is winter here; in winter dolphins are extremely busy searching for food (did you know they eat 12 to 15 kilo's of fish a day during winter?!) so the Centre doesn't get a lot of dolphin visits. However, my uncle promised me to take me on a boat trip so that I can swim with dolphins anyways :) I am definitely going on some trips while I am here though! I want to go to Ningaloo Reef which is up North and I would like to visit Perth and perhaps Melbourne if I can get a cheap flight. The weather here is quite cold, but we still have loads of sun hours so that is great! And the sunsets, wow! My aunts and uncles house is near the beach, so each night we can watch the sun set in the ocean, so magical! I also made a big new friend, dog Max! He really is the sweetest dog ever :) In the photos you can also see my cousin Lotte, isn't she a cutie? Today we went for a walk in the dunes, the nature is so beautiful here! I have got to go now, dinner is ready! I hope to keep you updated! Love Aimee