NEW - iPhone case

Kenzo iPhone 5 case - €15

I am sure you bloggers are all well-known with the famous Kenzo tiger sweater which has been in so many magazines and on so many blogs. I am actually not a huge fan of the sweater, but I simply fell in love with this iPhone case. It is honestly one of the best buys I have done in a while! I have to admit, it is fake Kenzo, but the quality is really good, so in this case I don't really mind that it is a fake. For the ones who are interested, I bought it at LouLou, a cute shop in Amsterdam. The address is Huidenstraat 30.


DIARY - June 26th

As I told you in my previous post, I visited the recently reopened museum The Fundatie with my friends An and Eva yesterday. I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before, but I am a big fan of museums! I love that you can take your time and that everyone can stay as long as they like. Museums have such a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Furthermore, I have always been interested in art, especially because of my mum - she studied art history -  and because I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. I liked the art collection, but the main reason I wanted to visit the museum was to see the new photography exhibition by the well-known photographer Pieter Henket, called The Way I See It. I had read an article about him and his work in the Dutch Vogue and after seeing his work at the museum, I can definitely say that he has shot some amazing photos! After we had visited the museum, we strolled along the streets of Zwolle, the town where I live, and we discovered a new cool place, which sells frozen yoghurt! (last two photos) LOVE IT :) I will definitely be going back there! xxx Aimee


OUTFIT - stripes and silver

COS top (new) | H&M jeans | Zara bag | H&M trend loafers (new) | Monki hair clip

Hey there lovelies! First of all, thank you so much for your sweet and motivating comments on my favorites video. They really made my day and they always give me such an energy boost! Today me and my friends An and Eva visited The Fundatie, which is the museum in the town where I live. It recently reopened after a big and long renovation and I must say that I was impressed! More about that in my next post :) On to the outfit which is quite simple but still cute in my opinion: I am wearing a new top, new shoes and a new hair clip. Aren't these silver loafers cool? I got them at the Trend section at H&M in sales for 20 euros :) Yes guys , I did a little shopping! Actually I shopped a little too much, but oh well, once in while we have to treat ourselves a little, am I right? Right now I am getting ready for my first graduation party, which has the theme 'White Party'. I am excited about it and I hope to show you a photo of my outfit on Instagram. Enjoy your evening :) Love Aimee


VIDEO - mijn favorieten!

Lieve allemaal, hier presenteer ik jullie mijn eerste favorieten video! Ik vind het steeds leuker om video's te maken en ik wen er steeds meer aan om tegen een camera aan te praten. Ik heb er zelfs plezier in! Sorry dat dit filmpje zo ontzettend lang is, zo blijkt maar weer dat ik zonder moeite 26 minuten vol kan lullen, maar ja, ik had ook wel veel favorieten die ik aan jullie wilde laten zien ;) Ik hoop dat jullie het volhouden zo lang naar dit filmpje te kijken, en wees niet bang feedback te geven, zowel positief als negatief! Opbouwende kritiek is altijd goed! En trouwens, dit filmpje is natuurlijk te zien op Youtube, in betere kwaliteit, je hoeft alleen maar hier te clicken :) Liefs 



sources: tumblr, the sartorialist, awalkinthepark

Dear all, sorry for my lack of posts lately! To be honest, I have been quite busy and in combination with no inspiration it results in no posting... But, having said that, here is a big summer inspiration post for you! These photos have been inspiring me lately and have given me that summery, warm feeling. Especially with this awful Dutch weather going on outside! Seriously, summer started today and all I see when I look outside my window is rain! Well, I shouldn't complain, I have holiday! But still... Good news: I got an email back from the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury, Australia, telling me that they allowed in me in the volunteer work program this summer! That means that I get to work with dolphins and guide tourists around the centre, I can't wait! I will leave in two weeks! Also, I made a favorites video which will hopefully be up on the blog tomorrow! Have a great Friday night! Love Aimee


DIARY - geslaagd!!!

Today has been a very important day for me, because after 6 (!!!) years of gymnasium I have passed my exams! Wooeeehoeeeee! It was such a big relief hearing from mentor that my six years of hard work have paid off! I am especially proud of myself because I have passed my exams with a 7,8 average. I just couldn't be happier at this moment, honestly. A whole new life lies ahead of me; living on my own, travelling and doing a study which is absolutely 'me' if you know what I mean. From this moment on I can really concentrate on this exciting future. My dear friends, who have gladly all passed their exams as well, will be here in half an hour to celebrate our graduation and of course we are going to dance the night away after having a couple of drinks :) To the ones who have passed their exams as well: Congratulations! Lots of love, Aimee


OUTFIT - the beach

H&M trend top | H&M pants | Rayban sunglasses | DKNY watch | Chanel earrings

My friend An and I went to the beach last Tuesday and even though it was quite chilly, we really enjoyed ourselves shooting these photos on the beach. I love their spontaneity and energy. We had so much fun that day! I will show you all the activities we did in a vlog, which will be up sometime this week. I am quite excited about Thursday, because I will hear the results of my final exams then! I am feeling the nerves already... xoxo Aimee