These pictures are a little more crazy than the ones in my previous post, but I guess I like things to be a little crazy. They remind me of GLEE's Hairography episode, hence the title :) By the way, I am sorry if haven't been replying to any of your comments, I simply don't have the time right now... When I get back, I'll be full-time blogging again :) Tomorrow we are driving further south to a seaside town called Biarritz. I've heard it's really nice, have any of you been there before?

Bonne nuit!


OUTFIT - corn field

Bonjour tout le monde! Here's a post from the South of France (where it was 27 degrees this afternoon with clear-blue skies, jealous yet?). I have to be quick, because I only have 30 minutes left on my laptop before it shuts down. My holiday is great so far: it's amazing to be entirely free from school and for that matter, stress-free. I have no obligations, no to-do lists, no appointments, no deadlines and I can tell you, it's the greatest feeling! 
Yesterday, my brother took these pictures of me in a corn field nearby our campsite. It was the perfect location for a little photoshoot. I wore my H&M By Night kimono which I bought in sales for €20 last year. Haven't worn it until now, but you may notice that its colour is similar to the colour of the field. Perfect match, isn't it? :)
The next post will feature the same location and the same me, but with a little more hair movement :) Curious? Stay tuned!

Love from France,

Kimono - H&M by Night Collection
Shorts - H&M
Top - New Look



Today was my last day of school, so now I officially have summer holiday! Tomorrow morning I am leaving for France and I am spending more than three weeks there. I am really looking forward to having loads of free time and being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want. My cousin Margot (she has her own blog, take a look here!) took these photo's of me last year and to me they perfectly portray a beautiful summer day. I am taking my camera and laptop with me, so expect some very summery (outfit) posts!

Love you, Aimee


OUTFIT - gypsy

I went to Amsterdam for some shopping yesterday and I came home with this purple-blue dress from Monki. I have never owned anything like it before and I am really fond of its flowiness, the colour and the fit. Somehow the dress reminds me of gypsies, hence the title... My friend An made these pictures of me, I think they turned out great! Now I am off to studying mathematics again. This will gladly be my last test and then: HOLIDAY! 

Dress - Monki (in sales for €20)
Earrings - unknown
Sandals - French Connection