along the canals

Before overloading you with my Paris photos, here are a couple of snapshots from my Sunday in Amsterdam last week. My family and I thought it was time for a day out and I got the 'assignment' to plan it. Well, I never mind playing tourist guide for the day, so naturally I seized the opportunity! We started the day off at Huis Marseille which exhibited a beautiful photography series on life in Russia. I don't know if I have ever told you this before, but I lived in Russia for four years until I was 10. I cherish great memories from the time I spent there! Although it made a big impression on me and partly formed me the way I am now - just like every period in my youth - I never actually knew a lot about the Russians and how they live. Naturally I saw everything from a little girls perspective, and now that I am a Social Geography student I am constantly absorbing information about the world we live in and its peoples. I am gaining some great insights, and exhibitions like these contribute a great deal to everything I learn. Ok, back to the photos haha. In the afternoon we had a delicious lunch at Toos&Roos; I highly recommend it! They serve fresh and healthy dishes; I ordered home made bread with old cheese, fig-compote and it came with a small cup of pumpkin soup, jumm! We then headed to the Rozengracht to visit Hutspot, which I had recently seen on many blogs and on instagram. It is a concept store which sells everything! From clothes, books, interior items to food, jewellery and art. All the items were quite expensive, as I had expected, but the collection was pretty spectacular and I left the store with not only a whole list of new cravings, but with new inspiration as well. Definitely a must-see! On a whole other note, as you know I had recently changed my header, but my dear and talented friend Wieke surprised me by sending me this header the other day - I love it! I hope you guys do too! A lot of Paris posts are coming up, so be prepared ;) Love Aimee



I just found these photos on my memory card; I am longing for summer so bad! Dresses, everlasting days, picknicks in parks, strawberries, ice cream - these are some of the things that come to my mind when thinking of summer. Hmmmm, day dream much? My day dreams somehow often involve Paris; well, in life it is important to make your dreams come true right? Therefore, my friend Judith and I spontaneously booked a city trip to Paris! We are leaving tomorrow morning and we will spend Tuesday and Wednesday in the beautiful city of light and love; talk about a last minute decision! Of course we plan to take a lot of Parisian snap shots and I hope the weather allows us to shoot some outfits as well! Bisous, Aimee


double leopard

Thrifted Mango sweater | thrifted Bershka skirt | Mango coat | Viavai boots | gifted ring

Apparently I have been into doubling lately; first double denim, now double leopard. I am not really a print on print kind of girl, but I thought these two went quite well together. Here's a little colour, fun and brightness on a typical Dutch dreary winter day, photographed by my friend Judith. Roar! :P  


double denim

Zara blouse (new) | Pull&Bear skirt | Mango bag | DKNY watch | Zara earrings | H&M tights

The purple heathland has to be one of my favorite locations to shoot outfits; it is wide and spacious, but definitely not boring with its warm-coloured fields and sandy white paths fragmenting the endless plains in small pieces of land. I felt like going for a walk today; it can be nice to leave the city buzz occassionally in order to take a breath of fresh air. Thankfully, my mum didn't mind joining me and taking photos of my double denim look. Lately, I haven't been buying a lot of clothes - besides the fact that the current clothing collections don't really seem to grab my attention, I just don't have the urge the shop. Which is quite unlike me! The past year I have succeeded in buying more basics instead of trendy items and I have noticed that this has really extended my choice of combinations. This denim Zara blouse, for example, can be combined in multiple ways - with a skirt, shorts or jeans - and can be worn throughout the year. I can already see myself wearing it in summer with a colourful skirt or some white lace shorts. Aaahh, summer... I can't wait! What are your summer plans? I would love to hear them! ps. I am sorry for the ugly hair tie wrapped around my wrist in these photos, I forgot to take it off, oops... 


furry friend

Mango coat | Zara faux fur | Forever21 knit sweater | Zara skirt | Zara bag | Sascha boots | H&M tights

I was cleaning up my closet a couple of weeks ago and suddenly bumped into this furry friend, which I had actually forgotten about (shame on me!). I decided to take it to Amsterdam for the day. I know I've mentioned it before, but to me the greatest thing about studying at uni is the freedom. Judith and I spontaneously decided to catch the train to Amsterdam one Monday afternoon. We visited the Waterloopplein market, ate delicious pie at De Drie Graefjes and strolled along the old canals, which never seem to bore me. Amsterdam is pure magic, even on dreary days, and although nothing beats Paris in my opinion, Amsterdam is great runner-up! xoxo



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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I know I don’t often say thank you for your sweet comments and motivating words, but I do really appreciate them and I read every single one of them! I thought I’d start off the year with some festive, happy and wanderlusting inspiration reminding us that life is full of joy and we should live every day and year at its fullest. I know carpe diem sounds cliché, but I truly support the thought that sometimes you shouldn’t hesitate but you should just go for it. You could call it one of my 2014 resolutions! Think less, do more. This resolution of mine inevitably has to do with my new student life (which I can hardly call new anymore – time flies when you’re having fun!); there are no limits! My dad always tells me that right now 'the world is my oyster' which basically means that I am young, healthy and I have the ability and the freedom to do anything or go anywhere. 2013 has already been the most incredible year – I travelled to New York, Paris and Australia, I passed my final exams, I had the most amazing summer ever, I moved to Utrecht and I started my study at uni where I met great new people who have become my friends! Along with this start of a new year, I thought it was time for a new header and lay-out. I wanted it to be sophisticated and minimalistic but still personal with a touch of colour and wit. I am really glad with the result – it is entirely me. I hope you like it too! Lots of love and happy 2014! And remember, the world is your oyster :)