H&M coat (new, got it in sale for €20) | H&M jeans | Mango top | Converse Allstars (new) | H&M necklace | DKNY watch | Zara bag

Since I have been living in Utrecht, I sadly don't have my dear mums photography skills by my side anymore. This, in combination with me being a total perfectionist, results in less outfit posts on the blog than I would like. I still love blogging and surely won't be stopping anytime soon, but the amount of posts has just been drawn back a little... Hope you don't mind! That said, I have some news for you guys! First of all, I found a new room in Utrecht! It is per-fec-tion! It has an old white wooden floor and it is right in the centre of Utrecht. My new roomies are awesome as well which is just the cherry on top of the cake! When I got the call that I had been chosen as their new roommate, I was literally jumping around in my room and couldn't stop smiling the whole evening. I am moving this month, so I'd better get out my Ikea catalogues again and start interior pinning on Pinterest! (For anyone who is an obsessed pinner as well, click here for my account). As for upcoming trips, I am leaving for Turkey this Friday, on my 19th birthday! Then two weeks later, I am traveling to Verona in Italy with my family. If you have seen the movie Letters to Juliet, you know what I am talking about :) Furthermore, I am going to Scotland in June, to Paris in July, and to Italy again during the summer holidays. Oh my, oh my, how I love to travel! Kiss, kiss and kiss, Aimee