spring haul video

While I should have actually been learning for my upcoming exams this afternoon, I avoided glancing at my study books lying on my desk and took out my camera instead. Oops... I hope you enjoy this video; check out my Youtube channel (click the link here) for more :) Love Aimee


rock 'n roll red

unknown fake leather jacket | Mango coat | H&M trend top | H&M jeans | Manas sneakers | H&M rings | Six earrings

Outfit post time! An early spring has surprised me and totally swept me off my feet; goodbye knit sweaters and ultrathick tights, and hello to my new (fake) leather jacket from Paris! I was quite hesitant about this purchase since I actually don't like buying fake materials - I 'd rather spend more money on the real deal. Real leather is so much more durable and kind of gets older with you, if you know what I mean. However, this jacket caught my eye and for only 40 euros in sale, I couldn't resist; I had been searching for ages for a biker jacket with the right balance of rock 'n roll (look at those shoulders and zippers) and femininity, and I found it! Yihaaa! Good night, sleep tight ;) xxx


parisian postcards: day 2

Parisian postcards; part 2, which mostly consists of Ladurée photos as you might notice. That place is insanely photogenic with all its luxurious golden walls and pretty cakes. And we mustn't forget the macaroons! After spotting Ladurée everywhere on blogs and on instagram, Judith and I couldn't leave Paris without at least taking a peek inside. The little peek resulted in an afternoon filled with observing chic Parisians while drinking our delicious hot cocoa - which was intense, trust me, I mean look at that photo! pure fluid chocolate that is -  and slowly nibbling our little patisseries. Louis-Ernest Ladurée founded the pastry shop in 1862. I can totally imagine all the bourgeoisie ladies from the 19th and 20th century sitting there in their grand dresses; having a high tea and exchanging gossip. It was without a doubt an experience which will bring a smile on my face everytime I think of it. Do not hesitate to visit Ladurée; it isn't exactly budget, but 100% worth the money! 

Ladurée - 16, Rue Royale


parisian postcards: day 1

Paris already seems like ages ago, but sweet memories come to my mind while looking through all these photos. They are definitely an evidence that Paris is even beautiful on rainy days, when all the cobble stone are glistening, when the street lights are blurred and when everything is covered with rain drops, even my camera - I actually quite like the raindrops-on-my-lens-effect photos! After our arrival in Paris, Judith and I walked up to the Sacre Coeur with a view which is just... wow. We then checked out Montmartre, visited some vintage shops (4) and had a delicious tapas dinner at the trendy place La Bascule (13). You can always make me happy with St. Jacques scallops and home made fries, yummm! Stay tuned for parisian postcards: day 2!