H&M blazer| Mango sweater | H&M leggings | Sandro boots 

Judith and I shot these pictures late in the afternoon, again. Hence the unsharpness in some photos - again. Oops! I long for those never ending summer days when you're still able to shoot at 8 in the evening. At this time of year, even 4 'o clock is too late to take proper photos! Oh, the challenges of being a blogger sometimes... We were really drawn to this wall art, since it forms such a large contrast with my all black outfit. I swear, I didn't even try to choose an all black outfit! It comes naturally to me in winter. Night night!
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Whenever someone asks me about my favorite time of year, I always answer that every season has its beauties and its flaws. Autumn is full of bright and warm colours like red and orange and I think it is nature's most beautiful time of year. Winter is cosy, and winter is my favorite time to dress up; big coats, dresses with tights and beautiful soft leather booties. It gives me the opportunity to layer which I love. Then, spring! After dreary winter days, the sun comes out again, and the first time that you're able to eat lunch or dinner outside, it's the best feeling! For me, spring is always full of excitement and making plans, which really influences my mood in a positive way. Then, onto summer. Summer is bliss. Mostly because it is the time of year to live outside; picknicks, barbecues, beach days, swimming, reading books in the park, hhmmm, they just put a smile on my face. I think deep down summer is my favorite season after all. Here are some of my favorite summer pics of the moment, all carefully selected from my Pinterest account to start our weekends inspired and longing for summer! 


knit love

Mango coat | Monki sweater | Pull&Bear schoenen | Necklaces from Marrakech 

Knit love, these two words basically describe my winter uniform, this one is from Monki which I got in summer sale (I understand that no one wants to buy this thick chunkiness in summer, you would die from the heat!), and perfect for snuggling up on my couch with a cup of hot cinnamon and apple tea. These photos aren't the sharpest or clearest due to late-afternoon shooting, but I like the nonchalant vibe these pictures have, so after hesitating to post them, I thought I might as well go for it! Big kiss!


Marrakech diaries

Loves, Happy New Year! I just came back from a truly relaxing and inspiring holiday, which I needed, and by needed, I mean really, really, really needed. Although I am not one for New Years Resolutions and reflecting back on the previous year - I feel that goals should be set and reflections should be made throughout the year, and not just because it is the 31st of December or the 1st of January - this vacation to Marrakech got me thinking. Most of the time I see myself - and I hope others see me the same way - as an enthusiastic and optimistic person. These past few months have been hard on me at times and have really challenged my mentality to stay positive. I felt my energy level slowly going downhill and there were days that I had lost my enthusiasm in working and basically, getting my ass out of bed. However, I signed up for this year of being member of the V.U.G.S.-board (you can read more about this in this article) because I wanted to take up a challenge, and that is what I got! And I am thankful for it! I believe that the tough times make you acknowledge and appreciate the easy, effortless times - there has to be a certain balance. I get to do a lot of thinking about myself this year, due to all the responsibilities my fellow board members and I take on, but also due to the fact that I have to deal with obligations, opinions, thresholds and bumps in the road. I can't really put my finger on specific learning experiences or moments so far, but I feel that I am becoming wiser, less naive, more grown-up, less chaotic, less nervous, more decisive and more experienced in general. These developments are important to me and reflecting back on my decision to sign up for a year in the board, these were the developments that I wanted to achieve back then!
So here's to developments, adventures and new experiences and insights in 2015!
Back to the main objective of this post; showing you all the wonders of Marrakech! Because boy, Marrakech has its wonders. The sun did me so well, as did the food, the architecture, the colours, the materials, the ideas and values of another culture. It is a different world compared to the Netherlands in almost every aspect of society, and I found it interesting to immerse myself in it for one week. I now better understand why occasionally Dutch and Moroccan communities in the Netherlands collide. It takes time and effort to understand one another, and I think both parties have a lot of (unjust) prejudices. During my trip, I posted a lot of photos on my Instagram @confashionsaimee as well, so if you are interested in more pictures, then take a look! Talk to you soon :) xxx