OUTFIT - christmas

H&M dress (new) | H&M necklace (now in sales) | Esprit boots

My sweet brother Robbin took these photos of me at my grandparents' house yesterday. It had stopped raining for a little while and suddenly the lightning was beautiful, so we took advantage of it and did a little photoshoot. I jumped, ran and tried all sorts of crazy moves (most of them failed). However, these photos turned out fine and they make me wish that the sun shone more often in the Netherlands! This will be my last post before I go on holiday to France, so I will probably tell you all about my adventures next week. I am going to ski, which I haven't really done before, so I am quite excited about it. Wish me luck! And before I forget, I wish you all an early Happy New Year! Lots of love, Aimee


OUTFIT - rainy day

Zara TRF dress (new) | H&M tights | Esprit boots | vintage ring | Bijou Brigitte earrings

Dear fellow bloggers, I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Take a break, relax and enjoy yourselves! Love, Aimee


DIARY - disposable photos part 2

I got my second disposable camera developed and the results are amazing! I mean, the quality and sharpness of the photos kind of suck (which I expected), but that's why I actually like them. I just love the atmosphere of these photos. To me, these two capture the ultimate summer feeling perfectly. I have lots more to show you, but my friends are in most of them and of course I'll ask their permission first before publishing the photos online :) I am looking forward to Thursday, because I am visiting the university of Utrecht to get to know my current choice of study better which is Social Geography. After that, I am taking the train to Amsterdam where I'll go shopping with my mum for an hour or two and then, at half past 7, I am going to watch the National Ballet perform one of my favorite fairytales: Cinderella. It's going to be quite a busy, exciting, yet amazing day for me! Can't wait!


OUTFIT - grey dress and pearls

Mango dress (new) | Six necklace | H&M tights | Chanel earrings | Esprit boots

This dress kind of reminds me of Serena's style in Gossip Girl! I love the clothing styles in Gossip Girl. They are often my inspiration. For example, I always wear black tights, but when I was flipping through some photos of Blair Waldorf, I noticed that she was wearing white or bright coloured tights in every single one and I loved it! So, the next day I went to H&M and got myself burgundy, grey (which I am wearing in these photos) and gold tights. Coloured tights were never really my thing, but now I love experimenting with them. I think that these grey tights make this outfit more interesting. Are you fond of coloured tights? xoxo (in Gossip Girl style of course!) Aimee


DIARY - hot chocolate

Wow, this week was hectic! Lots and lots of schoolwork and little free time. However, weekend has arrived which means relaxing, relaxing and relaxing :) I took these photos in a lovely café in my home town. Everything was decorated with Christmas ornaments, they even had Christmas pillows! Aren't they cute? I kind of want them myself :) Although I hate the weather in winter, I am very fond of the whole Christmas feeling with all the lights and decorated Christmas trees everywhere.
Voor de Nederlandse meiden: als je ooit in Zwolle bent, ga dan naar Villa Suikerberg! Het is een supergezellig café waar je heerlijk kunt lunchen, maar ook gewoon wat lekkers kan drinken. Vooral in deze tijd van het jaar is het supermooi ingericht zoals je op de foto's kunt zien!   


OUTFIT - lace and tartan

H&M Trend blazer | H&M lace shorts | New Look top | Six Bracelet | Via Vai boots

Yes, finally new outfit photos which my mum took of me today with my new lens! I truly love it to death! :) A lot of people can't tell the difference with my other lens, but I definitely can! The background is blurrier and I am sharper, which was actually what I was aiming for. I can't wait till summer, because the lightning is much better then. I was freezing cold while taking these photos, but I don't want to show you the same coat over and over, I want to show you what's underneath! :) What do you think of this outfit? Lots of hugs and kisses, Aimee


DIARY - tumblr

Earlier today, I posted that I haven't had any inspiration lately and suprisingly, minutes later, I had a flash of inspiration! I created a Tumblr account, thought of a name ('footprints' came in mind, it's pretty random, but I like it!), posted some photos and with one click I had created my own new photoblog. For me it's just a great source of inspiration and I thought I'd post it on this blog, because I like to share my inspiration with you! So if you are interested, you can follow me on Tumblr here or you can just click on the widget I created in the sidebar. Love Aimee

DIARY - zero inspiration

Hi everyone! Sorry for this boring and simple photo of me with my beloved camera, but the truth is: I don't have any inspiration! Do any of you have the same problem? This past week I had the urge to go out and take tons of pictures with my new lens, but it was raining or snowing half of the time so I stayed in. In addition, every time I get home from school, which is around three o'clock, darkness is creeping in which leaves me no chance to take outfit photos! However, soon it will be the 21st of december and the days will luckily be getting longer and longer again. Have a great Sunday! xoxo Aimee


OUTFIT - black, burgundy and army green

 Monki dress | Mango coat | H&M hat | Pieces bag | Esprit boots

Do you guys notice anything different about these photos? Yes, I have a new lens! And it is absolutely AMAZING! My family and I celebrated Sinterklaas, a typical Dutch feast, today and I got the most perfect presents ever, such as this f1.7, 40mm lens! I have been taking photos non-stop with it today and I just can't get over how good the quality is. Lots of love, Aimee