OUTFIT - the canal

In my previous post, I told you that I would post outfit photo's with new (old) coat as soon as the temperature dropped a little more. The temperature didn't drop, but I just couldn't wait to wear my coat! My mum shot these pictures of me alongside the canal in my town. I don't know if I have told you before, but I live in a canal house. My room is on the third floor and when I look outside my window I have an amazing view of the canal! Last winter was especially beautiful, because it was snowing and people were ice-skating. I hope it freezes again this year!

Coat - vintage
Top - Vila
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Bracelet - Six


NEW - checked coat

First of all, sorry dear bloggers, that I haven't been posting much lately! I had zero inspiration: I guess that's what happens when school mostly occupies my thoughts. However, this weekend I am having a creative boost. I have been reorganizing my magazines, going through my clothes and thinking of ideas for DIY's. I also made a start on my portofolio. Although I won't be studying photography next year, it's a passion of mine and I enjoy spending my time doing it. I signed up for a photography course today and my first lesson will be in a month. I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to get to know my camera better!
About this post, I found this treasure at a thrift store two weeks ago for only 10 euro's! I brought it to the dry-cleaners, because the fabric was a little dusty and now it looks brand-new! I love the cut, the red checked print on the navy blue and the parisian style it has to it. As soon as the temperature drops a little more, I'll post outfit photo's!



I thought it would be nice to show you some pics of my room. About a year ago, I figured it was time to transform my childish, crammed, pink room into a somewhat adult, clean and  fresh room, but still with some colourful accents and fun interiour pieces. I chose for an off-white wall colour and a wooden floor. I think it's a combination which never bores and goes with everything! So, take a look and tell me what you think!   

My white sofa (which can be turned into a double bed), the red cushions and the mosquito net thingy are from Ikea, and so are the white-orange-yellow-grey coloured stoel, the white shelf above it, the Paris poster and my sheets. Yes, I know, I am a huge Ikea fan!

Both the white cupboard and the white closet are from Ikea as well. The best thing about my closet is its shape. Because it is a corner closet, it looks quite small, but from the inside it's huge! I put all my belongings in it; suitcases, most of my clothes, bags, shoes, boxes filled with souvenirs, photo frames and other random stuff. My white cupboard has several shelves and from top to bottom they contain: books, jewellery and make-up, books, a basket with head bands and other accessories, school books and last but not least, my magazines.

My desk is from a label called Lundia which, sadly, went bankrupt a few years ago. The chair is design as well, but I can't remember which label it's from. I do know that it is extremely comfortable and I love red, so it was the perfect chair for me. I tried to incorporate several red accents in my room: the chair, the cushions, the bottom drawer in my desk and my amazing, soft, beautiful curtains! They are velvet and as soon as I laid my eyes on them, I had to have them. They kind of reminded me of the red carpet in Hollywood!

The nailpolish was a DIY project of mine. In my opinion it turned out great! I also wanted to show you this card holder which hangs above my desk. I got it from my sweet grandma for Christmas. As you may know, I collect cards and I was so glad to be able to hang up my favourite ones, without having to put nails in the wall. You can make something similar yourself: click here for an explanation! 


OUTFIT - the dunes

Here's an outfit with my currently favorite items: an off-white, soft, cozy H&M trend top, my black lace shorts and my new white-and-gold bracelet. I love its chunkiness (is that a word?) so much, it was love at first sight. My mum took these photo's of me on Ameland, last Saturday, which is an island above Holland. It was so windy there, my hair was all over the place. But never mind the wind, I really do love dune landscapes with their small hills and salty sea smell. Tomorrow are the schoolphoto's! What shall I wear?!

Top - H&M trend
Shorts - H&M
Bracelet - Six (new)
Boots - Ecco
Earrings - Bijou Brigitte
Nail polish - Hema


OUTFIT - lace dress

Some outfit shots from last Sunday! It was my grandfathers birthday and a beautiful summer day, probably one of the last ones this year. Whenever my cousin Margot (she has her own blog, check it out here!) and I are together we always have the best time. We laugh, dance and sing and this resulted in these spontaneous photo's. I hope you like them! I'm in the midst of a busy school week and I am looking forward to this weekend. My friend Roos is celebrating her birthday Friday evening and on Sunday, I am going to Rotterdam with my friend Sera for some serious shopping! It has been way too long, haha
Q: What do you think of my new header? Keep or leave?

Dress - Zara
Sandals - French Connection
Bracelet - Six (new)
Earrings - Bijou Brigitte
Nail polish - Chanel peridot (my favorite!)


OUTFIT - jeans jacket

I rediscovered this jeans jacket a week ago and since them I am obsessed with it. It's a perfect piece for the summer-fall transition; not to warm and not to cold. I compared it with my new lace shorts from H&M. I'm thinking about buying the shorts in green as well, but I am not sure if green is an easy colour to combine. What do you think? It's my first day of school tomorrow and on the one hand I am excited for this year because it's my last year of high school! On the other hand, the following nine months are going to be very stressful with lots of projects, exams and literature books to read. Fingers crossed!

Love ya!

Jeans jacket - vintage
Shorts - H&M (new)
Top - New look
Sandals - Zara
Earrings - Bijou Brigitte (new)
Nail polish - Hema