VIDEO - room tour!

Lieve allemaal, ik schrijf dit berichtje even in het Nederlands aangezien de video ook in het Nederlands is; ik durf het nog steeds niet helemaal aan in het Engels te praten (het is me toch iets te confronterend en ik vind video's in het algemeen al confronterend genoeg haha). Ik wilde al heel lang een room tour van mijn kamer in Utrecht doen, maar ik wilde wachten tot het juiste moment, namelijk tot het moment dat mijn kamer helemaal af, schoon en netjes was. Ik ben ontzettend blij met het resultaat, het is echt mijn paleisje geworden. Het is ontzettend fijn om een comfortabele en persoonlijke plek te hebben dat voor mij nu echt voelt als thuis, zeker in zo'n grote stad als Utrecht. Ik hoop dat jullie het filmpje leuk vinden, laat me weten wat je van mijn kamer vindt! Liefs Aimee
ps. En zoals jullie op mijn schoolbordkrijtverfpilaar zien, ik daag mezelf uit geen kleding, schoenen en accessoires te kopen in december, ik ben benieuwd of het gaat lukken! Al mijn vriendinnen gokken van niet haha


OUTFIT - overall dress

Primark overall dress (new) | Zara top | Sascha boots | DKNY watch | gifted ring | Chanel earrings

An outfit post, finaaallllyyyy! As you probably all know, winter season isn't just cold and often dreary, but the days get shorter and shorter and this is actually quite a problem for bloggers like me, who often have free time in the evening. And taking photos in the dark just isn't an option. My mum took these photos of me today and half an hour later darkness rolled in. I am wearing my new overall dress from Primark. You will never believe how much it cost me: it was in sales for €3! I felt like the luckiest girl in the world, finding it in the crowded, packed store last week. No one wanted it, it was hanging somewhere in a corner, out of sight. Well, I was never much of a Primark fan, ever time I visited the store, I was dissappointed with the atmosphere and the quality of the clothes and I always came out empty-handed. Not anymore! I still don't like Primark with it's mass production and overcrowded stores, but I bought some pretty cool items last week. Next week is going to be busy: I have to do quite a lot of studying and I already have some fun things planned too: dinner with blogger Judith, painting my bike bright pink with a friend of mine, going out for dinner and to the movies with Jacoline and a themed party! Enjoy your Sunday evening guys! Love Aimee


PHOTO DIARY - the Ardennes part two

Dear all, here is part two of the Belgium photo diary! Since then the leaves have been falling and the temperatures have been dropping. Christmas is right around the corner! Summer is definitely my favorite season, but in my opinion nothing can compete with the cosiness of Christmas holiday. The student life is growing on me, I am surprised at how much freedom I have! I can basically do whatever I want whenever I want. Yesterday evening some friends and I decided to go see the Danish elektropop band Oh Land in Paradiso in Amsterdam. It was a last minute decision and these small adventures make life exciting. On a whole other note, some of you requested a room tour! Well, I have decided to do a room tour video, which will be up on the blog soon! Love Aimee


PHOTO DIARY - the Ardennes

I present to you, the first photo diary of my time in Belgium two weeks ago. I don't know if I have ever mentioned it before on the blog, but my parents own a small cottage in the Ardennes, which is a beautiful area in the French part of Belgium. We spend a few weekends there every year and I am always excited to go back. It really feels like a second home to me. Traveling is a huge passion of mine; my bucket list contains an overload of destinations all around the world: Mexico, Marrakech, Ireland, Copenhagen, the Greek Islands and I could go on forever. However, every time we go for a walk in the peacefully quiet Belgium forests, admiring the old trees and views, I realize beauty doesn't need to be seeked far from home. In this case it is only a three-hour drive away! I hope you enjoy these photos, part two of the diary will be up on the blog soon! xoxo