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Paris always has a certain influence on me; not only does it instantly increase my happy mood, I also tend to dress differently. I have always worn whatever I wanted to wear - which included more no-go's than succesful looks when I was a young and clueless high school student, oops - and throughout the years, I have developed my own style. However, I somehow feel that I always have to tone down my outfits slightly in Holland. Most Dutch are down-to-earth and unlikely willing to stand out of the crowd. I find it quite boring and annoying at times. I must admit that this is not the case for a city like Amsterdam which nowadays functions as a platform to express yourself with your clothes. This freedom is an essential part of the charm and beauty of Amsterdam in my opinion. And then there are cities like Paris, London and New York, where you can go all out, wearing hats and long coats and all those fancy things. I hope you enjoy these pics! I included some of my instagram photos; if you want to know more about my daily life and my travels, check out my account @confashionsaimee!


paris vlog

While I was in Paris I filmed a little and when I came home, I compiled all the fragments in a vlog ; I present to you a glimpse of Paris through my eyes! Love Aimee



I am back from Paris! And just like last time, I of course have to start off with photos of the Eiffel Tower. This time around the travel team consisted of my mum, my aunt Sjoukje, my aunt Wenda and my cousin Lotte. Wenda and Lotte live in Australia and fly halfway across the world to the Netherlands once a year or once in two years. Lotte had never been to Paris and she was determined to climb the Eiffel Tower, especially after seeing Sex & the City, Monte Carlo and, my personal fave, Passport to Paris from the Olsen Twins ;) So off we went, and after standing in line for an hour, we arrived on the second floor where we could enjoy the amazing views. In case you are wondering what I was wearing; the coat is from H&M, the dress from Mango, the bag from the North Face and the boots from Sascha. I have three more Paris posts in store for you, which will appear on the blog in the following couple of days!  



unknown jacket | Levi's shorts | Monki blouse (now on sale) | Mango belt | H&M necklace | Converse All Stars

Lovelies! I am currently packing for Paris, which I leave for tomorrow morning. My friends sometimes tease me that I visit Paris more often than Amsterdam, which of course is an exaggeration, haha. However, there is always a little truth in sayings like these. When I think about it, I go to Paris at least once a year. Besides having a mum who teaches French in high school and loves the City of Love and Light as much as I do - she is my number one travel companion -, we Dutchies are in the lucky position that Paris is relatively close to the Netherlands. Although Paris is known as an expensive city to visit, I never really had this experience myself. Obviously, it is easily possible to spend loads and loads of money, but there are many ways to explore Paris budget-proof! I will post a Paris on a budget article with some tips and tricks when I get back! On to the look; it is simple, it is casual, but it is also fun in my opinion thanks to the polkadot print and leopard belt. Perfect for a day of sale-shopping! Love Aimee


hot pink

Zara coat (now on sale) | Zara top (now on sale) | H&M jeans | Pull&Bear espradrilles | Zara bag | H&M necklace | borrowed hat

For the ones who follow my dear friend and fellow blogger Judith, you might have already seen this beautiful location in her outfit photos. Every once in a while you come across a peaceful gem, such as this arcade. We unexpectedly found it yesterday and I can't get over how non-Dutch it feels. I genuinely had the feeling I was walking around in some little picturesque village in Italy. Utrecht really is a beautiful city and I am one lucky girl to spend my student time here and hopefully many more years after that!