OUTFIT - polkadot

Monki dress | Forever21 jacket | unknown hat | Zara bag | ViaVai boots | Six ring

The weather in the Netherlands is so bad at the moment, so bad! It was snowing and the temperature was below zero when An took these photos of me, hence the white eye in the second photo and the red hands in the last photo. Thanks An, for facing the cold with me! And guys, I definitely wear a coat over these clothes, especially with these temperatures, but as I mentioned a few months ago, I want to show you what I wear underneath my coat! This weekend will sadly be all about doing mathematics and reading literature books. My exam week starts in nine days and I still have to do a lot of preparation. My To Do list is longer now than it has ever been. Good things are coming my way as well though; I am celebrating my birthday party with my friend An in a few weeks, Spring is (hopefully) around the corner, my Australia summer trip has been booked and after my final exams I will have freedom!!! I just can't wait! Love Aimee


  1. Het weer is zo vervelend! Wel echt een leuke outfit, het jurkje is mooi! :)

  2. Superleuk jurkje met dat jasje eroverheen! En heeeel veel succes met je examens, ik heb mijn proefwerkweek er juist n├ęt opzitten.

  3. I love this outfit! Lucky you, going to Australia this summer! xx

  4. Leuke outfit! Succes met je examens! liefs.

  5. Wauw wat heb jij een super leuke en mooie blog! Ik volg je, liefs!

  6. Mooie foto's en erg leuke outfit! Je hebt echt een super leuke blog, ik volg je!
    Lots of love,


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