OUTFIT - light blue dress

Wow, two posts in one day! I think that has never happened before, but I just had to show you my first summer outfit! Today, all of a sudden, I was able to go outside bare-legged! This dress is from H&M trend and I think it's adorable! I love the light blue colour, the scalloped hem and the 3/4 sleeves. I matched it with my new sandals from Supertrash and a cute messenger bag from NewYorker. I am not a big fan of this store, but they do have the most amazing bags!
I am sorry about the ugly orange van in the pictures, I didn't notice it until after I went through all the photo's... Btw, my brother made these photo's! Aren't his photographer skills amazing? :)

xoxo Aimee

  • Dress - H&M trend
  • Sandals - Supertrash (new)
  • Bag - New Yorker
  • Bracelets - H&M
  • Nail polish - Chanel (Fire)

NEW - earrings

Ok, it's official, I am earrings obsessed! Everywhere I go, I somehow end up buying a pair (or two)... So I thought I might as well show you guys my latest pairs...

Q: What do you think of my new earrings? And... I would like to know: what sort of earrings do you like to wear? Long ones, gold ones, over the top ones, bohemien feather ones? Just let me know :) And if you have any advice on earrings (best material, good labels etc), I could definitely use some :)

Btw, next up is an outfit post! It's been way too long...

From left to right: unknown, H&M (€8), Pieces (in sale €7,50)


OUTFIT - white, black & army green

Just a quick outfit post before hopping into bed! I'm still deeply in love with my parka. It's comfortable, it has the perfect length for the 175 cm tall me, it goes with everything in my closet and it is absolutely perfect for the Dutch rainy weather. 
And, I have to add to this post: I am so glad with my mum! She's the one responsible for most outfit photo's on this blog. I love her way of just snapping away which results in loads of spontaneous pictures. She's the best!

Have a great week dear bloggers!

Parka - WE
Top - Mango (new)
Leather shorts - Second Female
Bag - from a random local store
Bracelet - Mango


NEW - paris purchases

This is my final Paris post! I bought the perfect bag at Zara, and although I hesitated at first (50 euro's is quite expensive for a budget-buyer like me), I couldn't leave the precious thing lying there! I love the simple cut, the hidden, yet not so hidden, button, and the metal detail at the bottom. As for my new blue loafers, they are so cute and perfect for summer! I don't own a lot of colourful shoes, so these were a nice addition to my collection. The post cards and the little book 'Paris Vintage' are just random things I picked up at different stores. I must say, buying postcards is becoming a bit of an obsession of mine...

xoxo Aimee

  • Bag - Zara (€50)
  • Loafers - Zara (€20)


DIY - earring holder

Once in a while, an idea for a DIY pops into my head. Most of them are pretty simple, easy to do and cheap. Since I got my ears pierced two weeks ago I have been looking around town for an earring holder/rack. I found a few, but they were all too big, too expensive or a 'little too much' for my taste. I wanted a clean, simple white one and it had to fit on a specific shelf in my room. So, I decided to make one myself!

  • Prepared painting canvas
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • (Eraser)
  • Pricker

Basically, all you have to do is grab your ruler, measure out which distance you want between the earrings and then you can start 'pricking' away! Eventually, I ended up with 18 little holes, which makes up for 9 sets of earrings. It is important to make sure there is enough distance between the earrings, because otherwise they might get tangled up. I am very happy with the result and I only spent two euros! 

  • Earrings - Six (new)



Ik dacht dat het wel leuk zou zijn om een paar shop- en eetadresjes op te schrijven voor jullie. Parijs loopt over van leuke adresjes en telkens wanneer ik er ben is mijn tas helemaal gevuld met visitekaartjes aan het einde van de dag. Vervolgens, wanneer ik dan weer thuis ben, plak ik ze allemaal in mijn reisdagboek zodat ik kan onthouden waar ik ben geweest en wat ik allemaal gedaan heb. Heel handig voor toekomstige reisjes naar Parijs! Ik hoop dat jullie wat aan de tips hebben!

I thought it would be nice to write down some shopping and eating tips in Paris for you! Paris is full of amazing places and everytime I 'm there my bag is filled with business cards at the end of the day. When I'm home, I stick all the cards in my Travel Journal so that I remember where I went and which activities I did. Really handy for future trips to Paris! I hope these tips are of any use for you! 

1. Vicxite. A - Rue des Abbesses (near the Sandro shop)
Great shop with very reasonably priced clothes. I would describe the style as cute, girly and trendy. I saw the most adorable off-white, embroidered dress which was €60. I didn't buy it though, because this was the first store my mum and I entered, but I kind of regret not buying the beauty...

2. Sandro (there are about 15 shops in the whole of Paris!) - Rue des Abbesses, 37
Very famous brand in France. In my opinion the clothes are very Zara-like, but way better quality, the colours and fabrics are more beautiful and, well, this results in more expensive clothes. French women are very, very fond of this brand! You should really check out the website, the clothes are amazing! So are the accessories and shoes by the way.

3. Librairie des Abbesses - Rue Yvonne le Tac, 30
A cute French book store with a very large selection of (obviously) books, but cards as well. I collect cards and I bought a few special ones here. I also purchased a Nutella Cook Book :)

4. Vintage Desir - next to Librairie des Abbesses (and there is one in le Marais as well!)
Shop which only sells vintage clothes, shoes, bags and anything else vintage. It's a real browse store, so the downside is that it is packed with stuff and there is hardly any fitting space. However, the upside is that the clothes are inexpensive (€10 for a dress) and if you take your time and search well, you may find some real gems. I bought a 60's denim dress here which is perfect for summer! Levi shorts are sold here as well!

5. Sucrées - Rue des Martyrs, 84
Sucrées means sugared and this shop definitely is! The clothes are comparable to the clothes at Vicxite A. Very girly, cute and same price range. There was a gorgeous (fake) leather dress for €60, which unfortunately wasn't in my size... This shops also sells Vero Moda and a few English brands.

6. Spree - Rue la Vieuville, 16
Very cool, modern store with more expensive brands like Isabel Marant, Acné and Helmut Lang. There were some amazing items, but they were all a bit to pricey for me. However, the interior was already worth taking a peak inside!

7. Miss Cupcake - Rue la Vieuville, 22
Cute little shop with a pink interior. The cupcakes were yummy and not to expensive! The shop is filled with this delicious baking scent, because the kitchen is behind the counter. Cupcakes were being made as I was eating my cupcake.

8. Les 2 Moulins - Rue Lepic, 15
I don't know if anyone of you know the French film Amélie Poulain. It is quite extraordinary; one hates it or one loves it. I am a lover. I definitely think the movie is a bit weird, but I think it is brilliant as well. This café is an important setting in the film, so it was nice to sit there and imagine how the place was used for the movie. 

9. le Saut du Loup - Rue de Rivoli, 107
An amazing restaurant with a perfect location! It is situated on the edge of Jardin des Tuileries with a view on the Eiffel Tower ánd the Louvre. I noticed that mostly quite rich Parisian people eat here who are all very well dressed. There weren't many tourists, which is something I like :) The food wasn't cheap, but not expensive either.

10. Troc en Stock -  Rue Clauzel, 6
Great vintage store which sells brands like Chanel, Prada, Acne, Maje etc. There were also a few Zara items, but most of the clothes were from more expensive brands. Even though this store is a bit pricier than the usual vintage stores, I thought the clothes were very reasonably priced. I almost bought a tee from Acne for €24, but I hesitated too much (I always do!). All the clothes, shoes, bags were in good condition and there was a big selection. I loved this shop!

11. Le Loir dans la Theiere - Rue des Rosiers, 3
Hidden away in the Marais, my favourite (besides Montmartre) area in Paris, this Alice in Wonderland inspired café/restaurant really surprised me! The Marais is quite a touristic and busy area, definitely on Sundays. This café was crowded as well, but I could only notice true Parisian people and hardly any tourists. These places often offer the best dishes against the best prices. My mum and I drank tea and ate two delicious cakes (not each though! haha). I ordered a nutella-banana pie, which was mmmmmm, yummy! My mum ate a meringue-lemon tart which was huge ánd delicious! I definitely recommend this place!

12. Chanel - Rue Cambon, 31
As I mentioned before, this shop was heaven! You shouldn't miss out on it, if you are a true Chanel fan like me. No more words needed :)

13. Breizh Café - Quai Thomas, 7
I didn't take a picture of this restaurant, but I can tell you this: this restaurant serves thé best crèpes (sweet) and galettes (savoury) in Paris! There are extremely many crèpes/galettes to choose from and they are all so delicious! I guess my favourite crèpe is one with caramel, salty butter and sugar. It's amazing!


OUTFIT - pony tail

Deze foto's heeft mijn lieve moeder op de derde dag in Parijs genomen! We hebben ontbeten bij de Eiffel Toren, we hebben gewinkeld op Boulevard Haussmann en we zijn DE Chanel winkel (Rue Cambon) winkel ingeweest. Als je ooit de documentaire Signé Chanel, heb gezien, dan weet je wat ik bedoel. Heb je deze nog niet gezien, ik raad je echt aan hem te kijken! De winkel was zo mooi, echt hemel op aarde! Ik heb er gekeken naar oorbellen. Er was een paar van €180, bezet met diamantjes, waar ik meteen verliefd op werd. Duur, maar ze zijn het zeker waard om voor de sparen. Dus dat ga ik doen!

My sweet mum made these pics of me on day 3 in Paris. We had breakfast near the Eiffel Tower, we did some shopping on Boulevard Haussmann and we went inside the famous Chanel shop (which is located in Rue Cambon). The shop was amazing, like heaven on earth! I saw some diamond earrings, which I immediately fell in love with. They were €180. Expensive, but definitely worth saving for. So that's my plan!

  • Top - H&M trend
  • Shorts - H&M
  • Necklace - H&M
  • Bag - Pieces


OUTFIT - golden touch

Mijn outfit die ik de tweede dag aanhad in Parijs. Ik ben echt verliefd op deze jurk! De kleur, de gouden en diamanten accentjes en de manier waarop de jurk valt, allemaal erg jaren '20 achtig! Als ik terug in de tijd zou kunnen reizen, dan zou ik reizen naar de jaren '20. 

This is the outfit I wore on my second day in Paris. I am completely in love with this dress! The colour, the golden and diamond detailing and the way the fabric of the dress flows, it's all very twenties! If I could travel in time, I would travel to the Roaring Twenties. 

  • Dress - H&M
  • Sandals - French Connection
  • Bag - Pieces
  • Sunnies - Ray ban
  • Necklace - C&A
  • Bracelets - vintage, Six, H&M
  • Nail polish - Chanel Peridot