DIARY - leaf love

Dear fellow bloggers, I am currently writing this post from my new room in Utrecht! It is kind of surreal, looking around me and realising that I have officially moved out and that I am now an independent girl - or should I say young lady - with my own little home. I do have moments when I feel quite mature, like when I am taking care of my finances or even when I do something extremely simple like grocery shopping. However, at times I do still feel like a little young girl missing her family and friends... I guess it is all one big adventure with highs and lows, which I will probably consider as the best time of my life when I am all old and wrinkly. I went to Belgium for the weekend two weeks ago, and although I am sure you have already been photobombed with autumny pictures, I wanted to share these photos with you. A Belgium photo diary will be up on the blog soon! Love Aimee


OUTFIT - boxy shapes

Zara sweater | Zara skort | Sascha boots | H&M necklace

I ... love ...  this ... skort. That is all I can say. This skort basically goes with all my clothes and has proven to be such a smart buy. I have been into boxy, minimalist shapes lately such as this new blue sweater from Zara. I am not sure why, but it probably has to with my traveling to university every day. I travel four hours a day and keeping this in mind I tend to grab comfortable, minimalist clothes during my chaotic morning rush. How many times I have been running to catch a train - I will definitely not miss that when I move into my new student appartment in Utrecht! And yes, I am moving out this week! From then on I will live 5 min from uni, so I will definitely be taking my heels out for a walk again. It has been way to long! Have a great week everyone! If you want to see how my move goes, you should check out my instagram @confashionsandmore - I will probably instagram a few photos of my new room! Love Aimee



photos from my pinterest

Omg, I have been such a bad blogger, I didn't even notice, time flew by so fast! I don't have a specific reason for my absence, just basically lack of time I guess. In two weeks time I will move into my apartment, I am so excited! I have an Ikea trip planned this Thursday and an interior inspiration post will be up soon, because I have been collecting interior images from magazines and internet like crazy lately. Pinterest is my new best friend! If you haven't checked out pinterest, you should, but beware, it will be your new obsession! As a student, I of course have to pay attention to my financial budget, but I have discovered that there are lots of cheap, yet fun ways to decorate my future room; I can't wait to get creative and DIY'ing! (if I can find the time...) Here's a big fall inspiration post for you guys, enjoy! Love Aimee