OUTFIT - steps of the MET

Mango coat | Cos top | H&M shorts | Massimo Dutti gloves | Pieces bag

Dear girls (and perhaps boys), it's time for a New York outfit post! The clothes I wore in New York were quite casual and comfortable, because we had busy and long days. Tuesday was our only wet day, but it was also our warmest day so I decided to wear my rain-proof trenchcoat! (the umbrella is just an accessory haha) My mum took these photos of me in literally 3 minutes, while my dad and brother were standing there looking bored :) I really wanted to take outfit photos at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, because, of course, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen always have their yoghurt there: I know, I am Gossip-Girl obsessed and it isn't good for me! haha. This evening I have a Spanish-themed party, so I better get out my flamenco dress! Or perhaps a red rose in my hair will do... I have a bit of a wardrobe crisis here, so I should get to that now! Have a great weekend loves! 


  1. Ah de derde foto is zó leuk!

  2. Loved the first picture!!

  3. Leuke outfit én mooie foto's! liefs.

  4. I've always wanted to go and just sit on the steps of the met - for the same reason as you - I just want to pretend that I'm in gossip girl hahahahx

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  6. De foto's zijn heel mooi geworden! Ik snap helemaal dat je daar foto's wilde maken;) Liefs

  7. Heel leuke foto's! Mooi dat tshirtje met dat shortje!

    Ps: Wil je mss meedoen met mijn winactie? Je kan €100 winnen om bikinis te shoppen!

  8. Oh man. Next time, could you please show a picture from your bag. I can't see anything from these pics. thanks! :) xx

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    1. Thanks for your advice! Usually I post more detail photos but because we had little time, as I mentioned in this post, my mum only took a few photos, just to give you an impression of what I wore in NY.

  9. I love your picture of New York , they are beautiful! Keep going sweetie!

    It will mean a lot if you have time to check my blog and maybe follow us if you like it ?

    Hope to see you soon on it,

    Have a great sunday

    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  10. Hello there,
    "New yoooork, oh New yooork lalal don'tknowthewords." Um, yeah...
    So first: That umbrella is the cutest thing ever. Yes.
    Second: You oufit! Goshhh, it is so cute! I love the neutral combination and the coat... *faints*.
    Third: I love the photographing in these pictures! Especially the black and white one. Good job on that!
    So yeah, that's it... :)
    Have an awesome week!
    Love & Inspire,


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