OUTFIT - flower dress

Forever21 dress | Zara bag | Viavai boots | DKNY watch | Rituals nailpolish | gifted ring

I am in love with this dress! My dear friend An brought it home from the USA with her for me and I have been wearing it non-stop since. It's feminine, but fresh and young as well. As you can probably tell, I had lots of fun shooting these photos with my brother! The weather has been lovely the last few days and it gives me the opportunity to wear all my summer dresses: I want summer to never end! On a very different note, I have accepted a challenge! I have made a deal with myself that I am not allowed to buy clothes for two months, starting the 1st of september. For some of you this might seem easy, but since I am quite the shopaholic, I probably buy a clothing item every week or at least every two weeks. However, I had a serious talk with myself and convinced myself that I need to learn to spend less money on clothes. As I am now a student with a financial budget I have to get used to spending money wisely, something that could definitely use some improvement in my case. This will also give me the chance to be creative with the large amount of clothing that I already own and to rediscover some items in my closet that I only have worn once or twice. I will let you know how it all goes :) Enjoy your Sunday! Love Aimee 


  1. Wat een mooie foto's en het jurkje is prachtig!

  2. You look beautiful :)


  3. Wat een lief jurkje! Hij staat je leuk!

  4. Wauw, het jurkje staat je zó goed! Mag ik vragen welke camera je gebruikt? :) Xx

    1. Ah, lief dankjewel! Ja tuurlijk mag je dat vragen! Ik heb een Panasonic Lumix GF1 en de lens die ik heb gebruikt voor deze foto's is een 20mm f1.7 lens van lumix. xx

  5. Wat staat het je mooi! Ik vind het jurkje zelf ook heel erg leuk!

  6. Oh wauw, wat een prachtig jurkje!

  7. Erg mooie foto's en het jurkje staat je goed!

  8. I like that dress. Nice pattern,. Have a great day.,


  9. Ah, jij hebt altijd zulke leuke en vooral vrolijke foto's! :)

  10. Ontzettend mooie en leuke foto's! Je jurkje is echt leuk:)

  11. Hello there,
    those pictures are so gorgeous! The dress really suits you, and it is pretty as well.
    I will citate The Devil Wears Prada: "Flowers? For spring? Groundbreaking!"
    You can never go wrong with a flower pattern. Ever.
    Those shoes tone it down, but they are more classy and the dress is more flowy and girly.
    About college: I have no idea how on earth I am going to do that. God, I love clothes.
    I think for me it is going to be: "hmmm. Paying the rent, clothes.... Paying the rend, clothes..."
    Well, I hope not.
    Have an awesome week!
    Love & Inspire,

  12. geweldig jurkje en super leuke vrolijke foto's!


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