DIARY - sunday walk

I sometimes complain about Holland being boring and well... flat. However, last Sunday I had the sudden revelation that the Dutch nature is actually pretty amazing and that beautiful forests and purple fields (which you also saw in my last post) are only a half-an-hour drive away from home. I just wanted to share these photos with you of our Sunday walk. It is nice to go out for a walk every now and then, away from the 'modern world' with social media etc. I like the colours in these photos, especially the last photo with the light peeking through :) I went to Rotterdam with my mum and my brother today and gladly they didn't mind were so sweet to take some outfit photos again, so an outfit post will probably be up online tomorrow! Love Aimee


  1. Niet overal, maar op plekken zoals deze is het inderdaad mooi in Nederland. Mooie foto's :)

  2. Prachtige foto's en wat een mooie plek!


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