TRAVEL DIARY - Australia Day 5 & 6

In these photos you can see me kissing a dolphin, cute turtle Squirt who has sadly now left the Dolphin Discovery Centre in order to swim among fellow turtles in the Indian Ocean, me in my new favorite lavender-blue tunic from Monki (I got it on sale in Holland) and my activities on the first day in Augusta, a beautiful little town south from Bunbury. We went there for the weekend and although it rained cats and dogs most of the time, we decided not to laze around but to do some sightseeing instead. My feet got soaked while going for a walk with dog Max, so in case you were wondering; no, I am not wearing these shoes to make a fashion statement, it was merely a practical solution. In the afternoon we visited the Voyager Estate which is a famous winery. There is something about vineyards, I love their pattern of straight parallel lines and the delicate branches. I am definitely a wine lover. To finish day 6 spectacularly we drove on a near paddock at night to spot wild kangaroos. There were dozens of them, but because of their unexpected speed I only managed to capture this blurred photo above - these creatures are just incredible, that's all I can say! Just to keep you updated, I wanted to let you guys know that I booked my flight to Melbourne and I will spend a couple of days there next week. Can't wait! Have a great weekend! Love Aimee

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