PHOTOGRAPHY - raindrops and sunset

As some of you might know, I live in a canal house and my bedroom has a view of the canal. Well, the other day I was looking out of my window when I saw that the sun was setting and it was raining. I thought it would be a nice combination to photograph, so I immediately went outside and took some photos. It might have looked a little weird: a teenage girl, standing in the rain, taking photographs of leaves, in her jogging suit, hmmm, strange haha. I experimented with my diaphragm a bit and I like how these photos turned out! I think I am finally getting the hang of how my camera works :) My Dutch exam was very difficult, thankfully there were thousands of other students who were complaining about the exam on the internet, so I wasn't the only one who had a bad feeling about it. Today I had my Geography exam and I really wanted this exam to go well, because I am going to study Social Geography next year. I thought it went well, so I am curious to know the result! Next up: Latin and Economics on Friday! Love Aimee


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