DIARY - instagram

Testing some summer cocktails for the Hawaii Party | Sweet Amber and me at school

Vera, Roos and me | Trying a yummy cocktail

Delicious ananas strawberry fruit | New H&M heels

Lots and lots of photos! | Kiss for you! ;)

My brother Robbin and me | My mum and me having dinner in our town

My brother and lots of ice cream! | Cutie cousin Thomas

Delicious Italian lunch | Love for candyfloss!

New black-and-white playsuit and my DKNY watch which I got from all my friends for my 18th birthday! | Crazy me, Amber and Sascha

Beautiful Dutch tulip fields and matching dress | Signing up for volunteer work with dolphins this summer in Australia! So exciting :)   

Ready to rock my final exams! | Delicious chocolate chip cookies

Fed up with learning for the exams | Mothers Day present: high tea!

Hi there! Here's another diary, consisting of only Instagram photos this time. I have been using Instagram quite a lot lately; I think it is a fun way to share your life. I am not a big fan of facebook, I don't really know why, but somehow it feels more public and open than Instagram. I guess I also prefer Instagram because it is about photography, which I really like :) The largest part of my final exams is over, whooeeehooee! I have one more exam to go: French. It is a reading exam, so you can't really prepare for that. I am quite confident that everything went well and I hope that I will be joyfully jumping around on the 13th of June; that is when I hear my results. At the moment I am packing my suitcase, because tomorrow morning I will be on my way to Paris! I think it is good to get away from all the stress and exams for a moment, to relax a bit and to load my energy. I certainly get positive energy from Paris! xoxo Aimee


  1. Superleuke foto's! Van die instagram posts vind ik altijd superleuk om te zien. Heel veel succes met je laatste examen! Liefs

  2. Hee Aimeeee
    Wat een megaleuke foto's!!! Superveel plezier in Parijs!! Geniet ervan (ik ben jaloers :p) We gaan woensdag een mega goed cijfer halen(nouja jij dan)
    Xx Sal

  3. Leuk om te zien! Die foto's van jou zijn echt super mooi ;)

  4. Wat een leuke foto's! Ik vind ze heel erg leuk om te zien

  5. Aaah leuke foto's allemaal!


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