DIARY - the past months

 Celebrating carnaval with my friends as Indians in February | beautiful sunset last week while running

 Super bad quality pic of the new Zara in Utrecht | Chocolate sprinkle cake pops for Easter

 New leopard coat and red lips | snowy Holland a few weeks ago

 Creative boost after test week | I want to make these cake pops someday!

  I went to see the movie Great Expectations and it was really good! | Happy me with my new iPhone 5

 Heart bracelets | 18 badge!

Delicious strawberries for lunch | the Oudegracht in Utrecht on a sunny day

Just-out-of-bed me in my pyjama's | Delicious chocolate cake for my 18th B-day!

 Moustache eggs for Easter | Rediscovered my coca cola tee

 Polishing my nails with Chanel Graphite while doing maths | Sunset from my bed room window

 Fake infinity tattoo and coral nail polish | Little me

 Doing yoga, position 'I have know idea' | Snow in my hair

 Me in the Dutch newspapers | Celebrating my Geography teacher's birthday in class, I love my school :)

 Scary me :) | Lunch during studying

Zara Summer playsuit | Riding my bicycle through snowy Holland a few weeks ago

Dear fellow bloggers, here's a recap of the past few months! You can follow me on Instagram @confashionsandmore if you want to see more of my daily life :) I almost have 100 followers on Bloglovin' so I am definitely thinking about doing a give-away. My friend An and I are celebrating our Hawaii party this Sunday, I am so excited! After that, it's going to be studying, studying and studying, exams and then FREEDOM! xxx Aimee


  1. Wat een leuke diary! Je bent echt een prachtige meid en dit blijf ik zeggen! En wat heb je trouwens een mooi uitzicht vanuit je raam! :) Liefs

  2. Leuk om zo even mee te kijken in je leven! Ik hoop dat je een leuke verjaardag heb gehad. En de groene tuinbroek van de ZARA staat je heel leuk!


  3. Leuke foto's, nog gefeliciteerd!

  4. Leuk! Het coca cola shirt en de playsuit vooral, super :)

  5. Replies
    1. Geloof me, dat is hij ook! :) Het is een heel oud familierecept, en megalekker, misschien post ik hem wel een keer op de blog


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