red satin

Monki top | Zara shorts | vintage coat | Dr. Martens boots

I found this red satin gem in a thrift store in Utrecht, about 4 sizes to big, but you know me; I have always been quite fond of the oversized look. The saleswoman thought I bought it for a themed dress-up party, but I just wear it to university on a daily basis - I can tell you, it does turn heads! I was unsure about the origin of it; Chinese? Korean? Japanese? I am betting on Chinese, due to the lotus flowers print, but I might be wrong! If any of you have a clue, please enlighten me! Anyway, I am in love; definitely one of my favorite pieces in my closet at the moment. 

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  1. Love it! Red looks so good on you, love how you styled it down a bit for university purposes. :)

    x I

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