DIARY - the month of december

I was going through all my photos of December and I thought it would be nice to show you some of them in a post! From left to right and from top to bottom: baking with Eva | cute Christmas cupcakes | taking outfit photos in the cold | theater hall in Amsterdam where my mum and I saw the incredible performance of Cinderella by the National Ballet | goofing around with Roos before the annual school gala | a big kiss for you! | posing for the camera with Sera in our gala dresses | acting crazy during an outfit shoot | serving my family delicious pavlova at Christmas | trying out new hairstyles at dinner; I think I am just going to stick to my current hair style :) | my cute cousin Lotte drawing | Posing for the camera with Stijn becaus we were voted best dressed of our year! | new golden jewellery from Six | celebrating Sinterklaas with friends; Vera got this amazing marzipan barbie doll from Sera! | taking photos of our christmas tree with a long shutterspead.


  1. Leuk allemaal! De laatste is echt gaaf! x Esra

  2. Hele leuke foto's allemaal! Die cupcakes zijn mooi <3

  3. leuke foto's! die pony staat je goed, haha :)



  4. Hello there,
    it looks like you had an awesome week! I miss december, I want it to be christmas again!
    Well, you can't have everything, haha. :) The cupcakes look really yummy, bu the way haha.
    Have an awesome week!
    Love & Inspire,

  5. super leuke post! Ik vind het zo toevallig dat jij in Zwolle woont en Melanie ook kent. Het wereldje is zo klein haha. X

  6. Leuke foto's! Ik sta ook wel eens voor de spiegel mijn haren in een pony te vouwen om te zien hoe dat eruit ziet haha!


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