parisian postcards: day 1

Paris already seems like ages ago, but sweet memories come to my mind while looking through all these photos. They are definitely an evidence that Paris is even beautiful on rainy days, when all the cobble stone are glistening, when the street lights are blurred and when everything is covered with rain drops, even my camera - I actually quite like the raindrops-on-my-lens-effect photos! After our arrival in Paris, Judith and I walked up to the Sacre Coeur with a view which is just... wow. We then checked out Montmartre, visited some vintage shops (4) and had a delicious tapas dinner at the trendy place La Bascule (13). You can always make me happy with St. Jacques scallops and home made fries, yummm! Stay tuned for parisian postcards: day 2!


  1. Ik ben zo verliefd op deze foto's! Ze zijn gewoon prachtig. Parijs is zo'n super stad. Het lijkt me zo leuk om daar nog eens een paar daagjes rond te struinen en een heleboel foto's te maken. Liefs

  2. Wauw je eerste foto is prachtig!


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