parisian postcards: day 2

Parisian postcards; part 2, which mostly consists of Ladurée photos as you might notice. That place is insanely photogenic with all its luxurious golden walls and pretty cakes. And we mustn't forget the macaroons! After spotting Ladurée everywhere on blogs and on instagram, Judith and I couldn't leave Paris without at least taking a peek inside. The little peek resulted in an afternoon filled with observing chic Parisians while drinking our delicious hot cocoa - which was intense, trust me, I mean look at that photo! pure fluid chocolate that is -  and slowly nibbling our little patisseries. Louis-Ernest Ladurée founded the pastry shop in 1862. I can totally imagine all the bourgeoisie ladies from the 19th and 20th century sitting there in their grand dresses; having a high tea and exchanging gossip. It was without a doubt an experience which will bring a smile on my face everytime I think of it. Do not hesitate to visit Ladurée; it isn't exactly budget, but 100% worth the money! 

Ladurée - 16, Rue Royale


  1. That 1st picture is sooooo beautiful!

  2. Wauw wat een suuper mooie foto's!

  3. Wat een mooie foto's! Ladurée lijkt me prachtig :)

  4. Waaaauw, wat een mooie foto's! Ladurée is al fotogeniek, maar jij in Ladurée is nog veel fotogenieker haha


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