paris vlog

Fi-na-lly, I know it took some time, but here it is; the Paris-in-24-hours vlog! Believe me, after spending the last couple of days intimately with Mister Moviemaker, I can definitely conclude that he is not my best friend, quite the contrary. At one point the program suddenly shut down and Judith and I nearly lost the whole video - Judith closely witnessed my frustration explosion which probably sounded like this; aaaaarrggrghhhhhh#!*#! But gladly that's over now, I have moved on, and I am happy to present you this vlog. To me, the video really sums up the beautiful short, yet powerful - kort maar krachtig as we say in Dutch - time Judith and I spent in Paris. You get to see a glimpse of my crazy side in this video, a side you perhaps don't get to see often on my blog. Enjoy! Love Aimee


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