rock 'n roll red

unknown fake leather jacket | Mango coat | H&M trend top | H&M jeans | Manas sneakers | H&M rings | Six earrings

Outfit post time! An early spring has surprised me and totally swept me off my feet; goodbye knit sweaters and ultrathick tights, and hello to my new (fake) leather jacket from Paris! I was quite hesitant about this purchase since I actually don't like buying fake materials - I 'd rather spend more money on the real deal. Real leather is so much more durable and kind of gets older with you, if you know what I mean. However, this jacket caught my eye and for only 40 euros in sale, I couldn't resist; I had been searching for ages for a biker jacket with the right balance of rock 'n roll (look at those shoulders and zippers) and femininity, and I found it! Yihaaa! Good night, sleep tight ;) xxx


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