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Forever21 dress | Swarovski bracelet | unknown hat

I am currently writing this post from our very chalet-style room in Val Thorens. It definitely contributes to the whole WinterWonderland feeling; wooden walls, wooden ceiling, wooden everything! With a snowy mountain view of course. I am certainly not a professional when it comes to skiing, I took my first ski lessons last year. However, I am getting more and more confident as I slide down the snow-covered hills and I think that, besides technique, it is very important to be a little fearless and just dare yourself. I can be quite a chicken - the reason why I hadn't skied before - but the feeling of fear is slowly drifting away. The sun was out today and my family and I traveled all the way to the mountain tops; you are literally on top of the world! So... 1 day down, 5 more days to go. I am challenging myself to become better and better at skiing, and I hope the practicing will pay off, so that I can ski downhill like all the other experienced 18-year-olds by the end of the week :) Beaucoup de bisous, Aimee


  1. Wauwie dat jurkje is heel mooi! in je vorige post dacht ik dat hij effen blauw was, maar die print is leuk :)

  2. Wat een mooi jurkje heb je aan! Hij is echt super super super gaaf. Leuk dat je op skivakantie bent. Skiƫn is echt super. En dat je bang bent in het begin is helemaal niet erg, dat was ik ook haha. Liefs

  3. je hebt echt een hele leuke stijl!

  4. I wish I could ski too :) hehe
    lovely outfit



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