OUTFIT - winter coat

SecondFemale coat

Good afternoon :) I almost decided to label this post as a 'new purchases' post, but then I realized that I actually own this coat for several months now, I just never really came around to showing it to you guys - kind of reveals my bad blogging lately.. oops! I absolutely love this coat, it is trendy yet timeless, chic yet practical, neutral but not boring; exactly what I am looking for in a winter coat! To me, winter coats are investment buys and good quality ones come with a heavy price tag. I am in the lucky position to get a winter coat from my mum and dad each year so I don't have to buy one myself, but if I had to, I definitely wouldn't mind spending a lot an a coat; evidently it is my most worn winter piece! Now I am off studying, again... - yes, the student life is fun but hard work as well at times. Not that I really mind, I have always loved learning and taking in information (I know this may sound weird to some haha), especially when I am studying an interesting subject! Byebye for now :)  


  1. Mooie jas! en je staat altijd zo mooi op je foto's :) Wat studeer je?

  2. Wauw wat een mooie jas! Zoiets zoek ik eigenlijk ook nog :O

  3. Super mooie jas! Succes met je studie. (:

  4. Wat een prachtige jas! Zoiets wil ik eigenlijk ook nog, haha!

    XX Sonja

  5. Mooie jas! Ik heb nu voor de laatste keer een winterjas van m'n ouders gekregen en vind dat ook altijd wel iets belangrijks voor de winter.

  6. I love grey and black (especially for the winter) but I love how you put a pop of blue to make the outfit not too plain hehe. :)
    Also I love the accessories, so cute. Aaaand, I love your style! :)


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