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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I know I don’t often say thank you for your sweet comments and motivating words, but I do really appreciate them and I read every single one of them! I thought I’d start off the year with some festive, happy and wanderlusting inspiration reminding us that life is full of joy and we should live every day and year at its fullest. I know carpe diem sounds cliché, but I truly support the thought that sometimes you shouldn’t hesitate but you should just go for it. You could call it one of my 2014 resolutions! Think less, do more. This resolution of mine inevitably has to do with my new student life (which I can hardly call new anymore – time flies when you’re having fun!); there are no limits! My dad always tells me that right now 'the world is my oyster' which basically means that I am young, healthy and I have the ability and the freedom to do anything or go anywhere. 2013 has already been the most incredible year – I travelled to New York, Paris and Australia, I passed my final exams, I had the most amazing summer ever, I moved to Utrecht and I started my study at uni where I met great new people who have become my friends! Along with this start of a new year, I thought it was time for a new header and lay-out. I wanted it to be sophisticated and minimalistic but still personal with a touch of colour and wit. I am really glad with the result – it is entirely me. I hope you like it too! Lots of love and happy 2014! And remember, the world is your oyster :)  


  1. Ooh, hiervan krijg ik zo'n zin in de zomer! Nice:)

  2. Jij ook een gelukkig nieuwjaar! Je nieuwe header is zo leuk. :))

  3. Zulke toffe foto's! <3
    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, je nieuwe header is echt geweldig leuk!

  4. Hele gave foto's. Ik ben dol op inspiratieposts. 2013 klinkt als een heel erg leuk jaar bij jou. Laten we hopen dat 2014 net zo geweldig wordt. Je header is trouwens echt super en past helemaal bij je blog. Liefs

  5. You have a Lovely blog ! great photos keep it up !
    If you fancy take a look!


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