Whenever someone asks me about my favorite time of year, I always answer that every season has its beauties and its flaws. Autumn is full of bright and warm colours like red and orange and I think it is nature's most beautiful time of year. Winter is cosy, and winter is my favorite time to dress up; big coats, dresses with tights and beautiful soft leather booties. It gives me the opportunity to layer which I love. Then, spring! After dreary winter days, the sun comes out again, and the first time that you're able to eat lunch or dinner outside, it's the best feeling! For me, spring is always full of excitement and making plans, which really influences my mood in a positive way. Then, onto summer. Summer is bliss. Mostly because it is the time of year to live outside; picknicks, barbecues, beach days, swimming, reading books in the park, hhmmm, they just put a smile on my face. I think deep down summer is my favorite season after all. Here are some of my favorite summer pics of the moment, all carefully selected from my Pinterest account to start our weekends inspired and longing for summer! 


  1. spring and summer are simply magical, both in a different way, beginning of fall is also great, still quite warm but not too much. Winter is not a pleasure where I live , rain mixed with snow is not beneficial both for me and my shoes :D
    what exactly do you study at human geography ? I've never heard of this field ...

    have a nice day :)

  2. Mooi geschreven :)! En een toffe sfeer op deze foto's.

  3. Every season has it own magic, agreed. Though Autumn has a very special place in my heart. I love the vibe of these pictures because it makes me long (even more) to travel, to sit in the sun with a milkshake laughing with my friends. But alas, it is the cold winter and I have to study.
    Have a nice day!
    x I

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