H&M blazer| Mango sweater | H&M leggings | Sandro boots 

Judith and I shot these pictures late in the afternoon, again. Hence the unsharpness in some photos - again. Oops! I long for those never ending summer days when you're still able to shoot at 8 in the evening. At this time of year, even 4 'o clock is too late to take proper photos! Oh, the challenges of being a blogger sometimes... We were really drawn to this wall art, since it forms such a large contrast with my all black outfit. I swear, I didn't even try to choose an all black outfit! It comes naturally to me in winter. Night night!
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  1. If there is anything know about me it is that I. Love. Black.
    So this outfit makes me very happy (especially the boots, those are great). And I love the contrast of color against the black, it looks so extremely effortless and cool. I feel ya on the part that it gets dark. I have 8 hours of school every day so I end late and when I am home I am 1. very tired and just want to eat and sleep 2. it is way too dark to film or take pictures. I try my best on the weekend though. Anyway, love the post (as always)!
    x I

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  2. Love this outfit! Espacially the coat. The fact that the pictures are taken in de afternoon actually doesn't bother me at all. Still really nice photo's. xx

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  3. Je jas is echt heel tof! En ik vind die 'onscherpheid' juist een hele leuke sfeer geven. :)


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