paris captures

Paris always has a certain influence on me; not only does it instantly increase my happy mood, I also tend to dress differently. I have always worn whatever I wanted to wear - which included more no-go's than succesful looks when I was a young and clueless high school student, oops - and throughout the years, I have developed my own style. However, I somehow feel that I always have to tone down my outfits slightly in Holland. Most Dutch are down-to-earth and unlikely willing to stand out of the crowd. I find it quite boring and annoying at times. I must admit that this is not the case for a city like Amsterdam which nowadays functions as a platform to express yourself with your clothes. This freedom is an essential part of the charm and beauty of Amsterdam in my opinion. And then there are cities like Paris, London and New York, where you can go all out, wearing hats and long coats and all those fancy things. I hope you enjoy these pics! I included some of my instagram photos; if you want to know more about my daily life and my travels, check out my account @confashionsaimee!


  1. Super mooie foto's! Parijs ziet er zo prachtig uit (en het klinkt als een heerlijke stad). <3

  2. Wat een prachtige foto's weer! Over twee weken ga ik naar Parijs, heb er zo'n zin in!

  3. Je blog is geweldig! ♥ Ik zal er binnenkort wat aandacht aan wijden op mijn blog. :) (Ik heb nu even een zomerbreak, maar begin vanaf 1 september weer.) Ik heb je meteen ook even gevolgd op Bloglovin'.


    1. Wat een lieve reactie, dankjewel!! geniet nog van je zomervakantie :) x

  4. Wat een prachtige foto's, i love Paris!


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