I am back from Paris! And just like last time, I of course have to start off with photos of the Eiffel Tower. This time around the travel team consisted of my mum, my aunt Sjoukje, my aunt Wenda and my cousin Lotte. Wenda and Lotte live in Australia and fly halfway across the world to the Netherlands once a year or once in two years. Lotte had never been to Paris and she was determined to climb the Eiffel Tower, especially after seeing Sex & the City, Monte Carlo and, my personal fave, Passport to Paris from the Olsen Twins ;) So off we went, and after standing in line for an hour, we arrived on the second floor where we could enjoy the amazing views. In case you are wondering what I was wearing; the coat is from H&M, the dress from Mango, the bag from the North Face and the boots from Sascha. I have three more Paris posts in store for you, which will appear on the blog in the following couple of days!  


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