coloured doors

Topshop dress | H&M coat | Zara bag | Monki glasses| rings from Turkey | Converse allstars

This is one of the looks that I wore during the holiday week in Marseille. The city is so photogenic; every door, every window, every alley, they are all interesting to look at which makes it hard not to take your camera out every other minute. I believe that I had taken about 200 photos of doors and windows by the end of the week. Onto to the look. I bought the dress in sales at Topshop in Istanbul. I love the cut and that fact that is has pockets; they make it comfortable but cute. I went a little crazy on jewellery in Turkey and came home with my fingers stacked with rings. The left ring in the last photo is my favourite and has a story of its own. In a small, local town in the middle of nowhere, my friend Frouwke and I stepped into a jewellery store. A huge collection of rings had been stored out for the (tourist) customers. None of them really spoke to me, since they were, I don't know, too polished and too shiny. I asked the man behind the counter if he had any other rings whereupon he took out a velvet blue box. In it were the most amazing, unconventional silver rings, all different, and nothing like I had ever come across before. They were all second-hand, brought in by local ladies who had sold them in return for some money. The man explained that they had all been specifically made for each one of these women, for special occasions such as weddings. Therefore, all the rings were different in style and in size, and it took me a while to find a few that were my taste and fit my finger perfectly. Not being able to choose, I eventually ended up with two rings and I have been happily wearing these small pieces of Turkey every week since.  


  1. Wat leuk het verhaaltje bij die ringen! Ze zijn allebei heel mooi! En leuke combi het jurkje met de jas! :)

  2. wat een prachtige foto's, alle deuren en kleuren zijn inderdaad heel fotogeniek!


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