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Kenzo iPhone 5 case - €15

I am sure you bloggers are all well-known with the famous Kenzo tiger sweater which has been in so many magazines and on so many blogs. I am actually not a huge fan of the sweater, but I simply fell in love with this iPhone case. It is honestly one of the best buys I have done in a while! I have to admit, it is fake Kenzo, but the quality is really good, so in this case I don't really mind that it is a fake. For the ones who are interested, I bought it at LouLou, a cute shop in Amsterdam. The address is Huidenstraat 30.


  1. Wauw, gaaf dat je 'm hebt! Wat maakt 't uit dat ie nep is! Het viel mij helemaal niet op. ;) Liefs

  2. Wat een super leuk hoesje! Weet je toevallig of ze 'm ook voor de 4S hebben?

    1. Volgens mij hebben ze hem alleen voor de iphone 5 helaas..


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