DIARY - lazy saturday

Hi lovelies! How's your Saturday? I would really love to share more of my (daily) life with you and that's why, from now on, there will be posts on my blog tagged 'Diary'. In these posts I will show you what I have been up to and other random things. Today is just a relax/learning day for me. My exam week started this week and so far all is going quite well! A lazy Saturday for me consists of watching a few episodes of Gossip Girl or Sex and the City, reading lots of magazines and tyding up my room a bit. Ever since the Dutch Vogue was launched, I am a big fan of the magazine! Besides getting inspired by the beautiful fashion editorials (I love the Oneindig Schier editorial with model Mirte Maas in this month's issue!), I enjoy reading all the in-depth articles and interesting interviews. I have actually learned a lot about fashion and photography from Vogue, which I hadn't expected. The other magazine is about New York. Reading about all the amazing sights and shops there,  makes me want to go even more! Have you ever been to New York?


  1. I've never been to New York but I've watched so much Gossip Girl and Sex and The City that it feels like I know my way around. I love magazine filled Saturdays.

  2. Heeeerlijk zo'n dagje. Ik moet altijd op zaterdag werken, maar meest wens ik dat ik ook een heerlijke lazy dag kan hebben:)Vogue is inderdaad echt een geweldig blad!

  3. Super leuke foto van jou! En de vogue is zo'n tof blad!


  4. wat een ontzettend leuke post! Vogue is echt een heerlijk blad!

  5. Hey! Cute pictures! Good luck in your exams. I've had a pretty lazy Sunday haha :)


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