OUTFIT - boxy shapes

Zara sweater | Zara skort | Sascha boots | H&M necklace

I ... love ...  this ... skort. That is all I can say. This skort basically goes with all my clothes and has proven to be such a smart buy. I have been into boxy, minimalist shapes lately such as this new blue sweater from Zara. I am not sure why, but it probably has to with my traveling to university every day. I travel four hours a day and keeping this in mind I tend to grab comfortable, minimalist clothes during my chaotic morning rush. How many times I have been running to catch a train - I will definitely not miss that when I move into my new student appartment in Utrecht! And yes, I am moving out this week! From then on I will live 5 min from uni, so I will definitely be taking my heels out for a walk again. It has been way to long! Have a great week everyone! If you want to see how my move goes, you should check out my instagram @confashionsandmore - I will probably instagram a few photos of my new room! Love Aimee


  1. Gave outfit! Vooral je boots zijn heel mooi :)

    xo Liesbeth

  2. Waauw wat een mooie locatie om de foto's te maken! je ziet er leuk uit :)

  3. Wat een leuk outfitje is dit. De skort staat echt heel gaaf en je schoenen zijn ook al zo leuk. Mooie locatie ook om een outfit te fotograferen. Zo gaaf dat je in Utrecht gaat wonen. Dat is echt zo'n leuke stad. Succes met reizen nog, hihi. Liefs

  4. I love the minimalistic side of this look. I love plain and simple because you honestly never can go wrong with that. You did an amazing job styling this outfit. And making me realizing I really need a skort lol.
    Loved the post as usual and I'm going to *cough* stalk *cough* (just kidding... Or am I..? ;D) your instagram. Aka follow. (I'm not creepy, I promise).

  5. Mooie outfit, zo stoer en chique!


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