BEAUTY - my Chanel nail polishes

I am not much of a collector, but today - whilst polishing my nails of course - I couldn't help but notice that I have already gathered six Chanel polishes! And well, I thought, that is worth a post. My current favorite is 657 Azuré which I took with me from Australia this summer. Every nail polish has its own special story; from left to right:

531 Peridot - this is quite a story. I had this specific nail polish on my wish list for a long time and I frequently went to my local drug store to check it out which evidently only enlarged my crave! One day I decided on buying it, but there only happened to be one left which was the tester! The saleswomen could tell that I was disappointed and they told me that I could have the tester in exchange for some candy. Well, I didn't say no to that! Eventually I got my Chanel Peridot for €4,70 precisely and my face was one big happy smile :)

Cosmic - this nail polish is a Limited Edition from this years Vogue Fashion Night Out. Sadly, I didn't have the chance to go, but I asked my friend An to bring this nail polish home as a souvenir. As the name already suggests, it is like having the night sky on your nails :)

529 Graphite - my very first Chanel nail polish. My mum gave it to me for my 16th birthday two and a half years ago and I still love it!

159 Fire - a gift for my 17th birthday from my dear friends An en Sera. I couldn't have made up a better name for this hot red colour! Red nail polish is a classic and this colour goes with every outfit.

543 Frisson - I brought this home with me from New York last February, basically because I had 30 dollars left at the airport. It's a really subtle light pink colour with a little glitter - natural with a touch of glamour! Perfect for summer days, which are now sadly over...

657 Azuré - this nail polish shares the same story as Frisson. I had 30 Australian dollars left in Perth, I saw this beauty at the airport and I just couldn't resist!

Which colour do you like best? I am curious to hear your opinion :) Lots of love, Aimee


  1. Leuk al die lakjes! en mooie foto's :) Supergaaf dat je er zoveel van Chanel hebt!

  2. Wauw mooie kleuren! Zelf heb ik ook Azuré, echt een mooie zomer kleur!

  3. Gaaf dat je er zo veel hebt! Helaas heb ik er zelf nog geen een, maar ze zijn echt heel mooi!

  4. Dat is een mooie verzameling!

    Ok ben de laatste tijd weer helemaal in to Essie :P

    Ik heb ook een nieuwe post en ben benieuwd naar je mening :D

    Liefs !


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