OUTFIT - leopard coat

H&M coat | H&M jeans | ViaVai boots | NewYorker bag

In my previous haul I mentioned that I would persuade you that leopard coats are awesome and I hope you agree with me after seeing these pics :) I had a pretty intense past two days. Yesterday it was officially my last day of high school! Woooopwooop, that is a big mile-stone. To be honest, I was a little sentimental... I mean, I have spent six years in high school and I just can't believe how fast those years went by! Last night we went out with the whole class of 2013 to celebrate and today, after we had slept two hours, we were expected at school at 6.30 in the morning. Yes, it has been a very exhausting past 48 hours! I will definitely go to bed early today. I can hardly even write this post without dozing off! Have a great weekend lovelies!


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