NEW YORK day 4 and 5

Day 4 and 5 were a little more relaxed than the first three days, which meant shopping time, a lot of delicious food and hot drinks :) We started day 4 at Forever21 on Union Square where I bought two items (you can see all my NY purchases here). After a short shopping spree I got myself a delicious hot vanilla macchiato at Starbucks (1, 2 and 3). This franchise sold amazingly cute cake pops as well! Gotta love Starbucks! At about noon, we took the subway to the Upper East Side where we split up: my brother and I went shopping at Bloomingdales where we gaped at all the beautiful jewellery and watches (well, actually I was the one who gaped). I fell in love with the DKNY watches (4); sophisticated but girly at the same time, exactly my style! We met up again at 13.00 and had lunch at Vivolo, an Italian restaurant which served delicious dishes. I had chocolate mousse - which is actually French, but oh well - for dessert, yummy! It started raining in the afternoon so we unfolded our umbrella's and headed for the Guggenheim. The building (5) was impressive, but the art was definitely not my cup of tea as the British would say. Most works were very modern and I guess I am too down to earth to understand the meaning or purpose of such works. I do love art, but I am more into impressionism; my all-time favorite painter is Monet. In the evening, after we had a rest at our hotel, my brother and I hit town. We walked around a bit and I bought the Vogue at Barnes&Nobles. On Wednesday, day 5, we split up again. This time I went shopping with my mum, while my dad and my brother visited Ground Zero and Wall Street. During our shopping spree, my mum and I had a break at the Gasoline Alley Coffee (6, 7, 8 and 9), a tiny café which I discovered on this blog. In the afternoon, we visited a cute market (10) on Union Square where a lot of locals do their shopping. It was strange to see the contrast between such a small organic market and the busy NY streets and skyscrapers; it was quite surreal. We bought delicious homemade apple cider donuts (11) there and then took the subway to the Frick Collection (13) on the Upper East Side. The collection was beautifully set up and especially the courtyard had such a harmonious atmosphere, I could sit there all day! In the evening, my mum and I had 'dinner' at the Shake Shack (14) in Madison Square Park, which is known to be the best burger stand in the whole of NYC. Definitely a must when visiting New York! Although my fingers were freezing and I might not have looked very charming while eating my meal (15), the burger and fries were indeed delicious! Love Aimee


  1. Zo leuk om deze foto's steeds te zien! Zitten ook echt hele mooie foto's tussen trouwens! Ik ben erg jaloers op je, hopelijk ga ik ook ooit naar NY! :)

  2. heel erg leuk om te lezen! En mooie foto's, ik ben jaloers!


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